Books in News – Notes from an Imperfect Life by Jithu Biji Thomas Mirrors the Futility of Society and its Allied Parameters

Jithu Thomas has been a consistent author from India. He has published many novellas on Kindle; notable work is Unpublished and Mumblings from the Depth. He recently published a new novella ‘Notes from an Imperfect Life’, it is a powerful short read that explores many societal themes in unhurried and subtle ways.

At the façade of the story, you will see that a silent and distraught father writes a journal for his step son. The story is about memories and nostalgia of an ordinary man who initially feared society before plunging into any decision but his son’s courage and life choices awakens his inner voice.

The story is philosophical, tragic, yet highly relatable. In the journal, the father writes about his life experiences after and before the marriage. The narrator marries his ex lover but this time she was a divorcee with a two-year-old son. So, in the journal, the father writes about his experiences as how he got acquainted with a step son and why did he marry that lady. The story reflects pointers on marriage, fear of society, family pressure, value of love, divorce and much more. The book is easy to read and one can also follow the storyline, it is not complicated. One can read through it in just one go. Jithu is becoming popular for penning down short novels that are lucid with narration and holds engaging plot line.

If you are in a mood to pick up an offbeat novella that can push you back in time so that you can cogitate leisurely, well this is the right time to pick up this book.

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About the Author:

“I will breathe into something beautiful,

  Something so beautiful that,

  It stays beyond the fathomless of your twisted mind”

                                                                                     – Jithu Biji Thomas

The above prose clearly expresses the view of Jithu’s writings. He intends to create something beautiful with the pen in his hand. He doesn’t create stories but something which our mind would call beautiful. His stories don’t contain those mind blowing plot twists or edge of the seat stuff but those small things of peace which we ignore in our day to day life. He is a big fan of existentialism and that is quite evident in each of his writings. He also believes in evolving philosophies rather than the stagnant ones as he thinks not evolving is a crime that humanity commits. Jithu sees writing as an obsession rather than a hobby. He uses the word obsession because he thinks that creates the finest pieces of art. His first title “Mumblings from the depth” was published in 2018. Other titles include “We had it all” and “Unpublished”. His writing also comes around in a well-maintained blog with quality content. ( He also pens out short prose which looks at life from a third eye in his social media post. In an age that is overburdened with content, he brings the emotions in short crisp words which fit well within the attention span of the readers. His new title “Notes from an imperfect life” is a reflection of the evolving writer. The author is well ahead of the changes that are about to strike our society and way of life. The author is hoping for an inclusive society that does not repulse any people for the choices that they make. The title will help each one of us in our retrospection and in creating a harmonious society.

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