Books in News – Emotional Mastery by Navana Kundu is a Powerful Book on Emotional Aspects

Published by Passionpreneur Publishing across the world, Emotional Mastery by Navana Kundu is a great book with transformative powers. By all means, the book is way beyond the vista of just self-help genre, it exceeds the set expectations of its readers and offers something valuable to them, which they will hardly find in other resources because the book comes from the industry leader.

The book is about emotions; in fact, it delves deep into the length and the breadth of emotions to make us understand their value and significance in shaping one’s life. Life without emotions is insipid, like a scaffold. However, the reality is that we, humans, are driven by our emotions, which is not good all the time. The book offers tips, techniques, and a toolkit for success in all walks of life. As one reads the book gradually, step by step, one gets familiar with emotional cycle i.e. knowing, getting acquainted, healing, controlling, and finally mastering.

The author has taken special care to introduce various phases and aspects of emotions, as it helps in mastering the emotions. The USP of the book is Healing Triad. It further contains: The 7-Step Emotions Breakthrough Formula, Inner Child Healing, and The Science of Energy Diet. The book is like a course on emotional mastery. If one reads it with full gusto, attention and with consistent pace, it is likely that the outcome will be highly favourable.

The book starts with stories and anecdotes from the author’s personal and professional life and it goes to a next great level. Navana sets the pace of the book like a pro, laced with stories and quotes and stats, all is brilliantly covered in 8 chapters.

If you are serious about ‘emotional thing’, this is the book for you. The kind of resources and insights and experiences it offers are not only engaging but also relatable. This book is like encyclopedia on mastering the emotions.

Buy your copy from Amazon/Kindle and be the master of your Emotions.

About the Author:

Navana Kundu, Doctorate in ‘Effects of Meditation on Human Mind and Happiness,’ is a highly regarded award winning master coach, therapist, and consultant. As an international #1 Bestselling Author and Speaker of Emotional Mastery, she is also a Master practitioner in 20 different therapy and coaching modalities to accelerate positive change and paradigm shift in people’s lives.

Early life: In her early 20s Navana formed a highly successful career in fashion industry in Milan. She reached the heights of career success with Elite Model Management in Italy, working with the topmost professionals of the industry and finally, started her own corporate events company IBB International in Barcelona, Spain. In the following years, she brought together leading decision makers of FT500 companies ranging from Nike, Microsoft, and Coca Cola to many more in her premier conferences and summits in Europe, Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore and Hong Kong. She currently runs her international events company from Dubai.

She has been a fast learner from the lessons that life has taught her through tragedy, death, failed relationships, loss and pain. The turns in life made her to explore deeper the energetic of human mind and the spiritual aspects of human life. She spends considerable time in the Himalayas in her spiritual exploration.

Inspired by her family’s strong spiritual connection, she herself dedicated her life to study the ancient scriptures of Vedanta and holds a Master’s degree in Jnana Yoga.

Her empathy and warmth draw people to her and she unabashedly shares her stories and experiential knowledge. A natural born leader and communicator she is always ready to teach help and shift people from where they are ‘stuck’.

She has been awarded “Excellence in Meditation” by the World Health Awards and the ‘Top 30 Life Coaches to Look Out For 2021’ by NYC Journal. Her personal message is that everyone has unlimited potential to create the life they desire. How successful you are in life, depends on how emotionally fit you are.

Navana, a globe trotter and spiritualist extraordinaire, uses her many natural gifts and expertise to throw light on situations and experiences that fox even the most intelligent of us.

She has been featured in The Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Standard, Thrive Global, Khaleej Times, International Business Times, MedLifeUAE, Yogalife and other major publications.

Her International #1 Bestselling book, ‘Emotional Mastery – Toolkit for Success is one of a kind, written with her usual incredible candour and deep understanding.

Navana is superb in impacting her audience and making a shift with her magnetic energy. She regularly conducts workshops in Dubai, Europe, and India. Her eagerness to continue research and learning something new every day is commendable. Navana’s indomitable spirit is a shining light in the world of self-improvement and empowerment.

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