Books in News – Drizzle of Love by Sangeeta Tomar is a Riveting Romance Novel set in the Modern Time

Sangeeta Tomar’s new novel ‘Drizzle of Love’ is a contemporary romance novel. The novel is set in India at different cities. It tells the tale of one young and beautiful girl named Sia from Jaipur. She, like millions of stereotype girls, is timid and afraid to fall in love. Her bonding with family values is rigid, but life is never predictable…and she realizes that when she leaves her parents home and moves to New Delhi for higher studies.

The novel starts on a family drama note, where Sia is convincing her parents so that she can pursue higher studies in another city. She along with Juhi goes to Delhi, where they join Lady Shri Ram College. As the girls get into college, the author portrayed the chaotic city life struggle for accommodation, safety, relatives, food, and so on. Even other girls were good and chirpy – it was fun read section.

Sia doesn’t trust strangers and she is of the opinion that she is made for the arrange marriage. Well, one day, at Gaurav’s place (her brother), she stumble upon Sumer – a handsome IAS officer posted in Delhi. Sia develops some feelings for him. But he is a high-ranked officer and way smart in comparison to Sia, will they fall in love or is it going to be another cul-de-sac?

It is a soft and light read. The author has perfectly captured the nuisance of student age in a new city. The book is easy to read, especially there are limited characters that made it a smooth reading experience. The story is little bit straightforward and clean – it doesn’t involve objectionable or erotic stuff. Overall, it is a good romance novel; readers from this genre can definitely pick up this novel for something new and fresh.

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About the Author:

Sangeeta Tomar is an emerging storyteller, who has made her mark in poetry and short stories writing. Her writing journey started from her school days. This is her first novel. She has a fondness to write about nature and philosophical views, which can be seen in her poetry. She is a PhD scholar and runs a school for the last seven years in her native town Indore. Apart from literature, she has a passion for music and traveling.

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