Books in News – The Godmen by Luke Johnson is Hilarious, Shocking and Relevant

Published by Leadstart, The Godmen by Luke Johnson is a very interesting book with a good amount of literary flair. Broadly putting, the book reveals shocking yet uncomfortable truth about untoward spiritual practices and possessions, exorcism, and mocks science and medicine as so far this field has remained oblivion to godmen and their bizarre practices.

The book has a solid introduction, right there it doesn’t forget to impress the readers. It talks about Toona, godmen, exorcists, tantriks and many more. When we discuss godmen invariably the concept of black magic surfaces automatically. Hardly there is any country that is exception to black magic. In India, it is way rampant. Thus, the author has involved a few stories from the Indian land as well. The irony is that how can godmen heal a person by setting up a connection with god, while on the other hand advanced science and doctors fail to do. Science and godmen are never in the same direction. As the book chugs ahead, there become two broad categories: one is when a man feeds demon, and in the other case a demon gets attached. This difference is so wide that it separates godmen from an exorcist i.e. in Hindi we call it Tantrik.

The tone of the book brims with sarcasm, wit, and fun. The author must have delved deep into this field for writing such a short yet hilarious book. It is a well-written and well-edited and nicely patched up work by Luke Johnson. If you have deep roots in the society and heed on jadoo-toona gossip, you will surely find this book fantastic. Just by reading a few pages, it was clear that Luke Johnson is a high caliber author. He may come up with some good and intense novels in the near future.

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About the Author:

Luke Johnson is a certified IT Technician and had formerly worked in Europe within the computing industry. He is now employed within the healthcare sector. His career now involves doing the finances of numerous employees.

He enjoys reading books especially on philosophy, religion, and in particular on the neurology of consciousness. The nature and origin of consciousness is such a complex matter that nobody really knows much about; this is what makes it so interesting. His favourite books and articles on consciousness are the ones written by Sir Roger Penrose, Stuart Hameroff, Donald Hoffman, and Anil Seth.

He is an avid computer programmer, often programming in C/C++, Pascal, Visual Basic, and Assembly Language. In his spare time, he likes to cycle, walk, and listen to various types of music. He usually cycles and walks to keep fit and stay healthy. His musical interests range from classical, ambient, pop to intelligent drum ‘n’ bass and pretty much everything else that is melodious. He has been entranced by melodic music from a very young age. He therefore goes and sees it performed live locally and nationally.

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