Books in News – Zikr by Husna Bursting with Elegance, Heartache, and Truth

Published by Leadstart, Zikr by Husna is a lovely anthology of poetic incantations. The book is short to read and make notes for personal use. In each incantation or verse, the author has used beautiful yet intriguing calligraphic art, which are actually incantations from prayers. Those who frequent to Dargah or Mazar or Mosques will identify with them.

By all means, Zikr is a book that is beautiful from its soul. A close look reveals that the book’s content is Inclined towards Sufism and Muslim culture and heritage. The way the book harmonizes and contrasts musings of the author, it could be possible that the author is highly influential by the work of Rumi.

Here Zikr is an Urdu word. In simple terms it means ‘mentioning’. However, in Sufism it is seen in some other way. Zikr is a kind of worship or say manifestation. It helps the followers to reach a different level of spiritual enlightenment. Zikr helps one to reach closer to God. Zikr is chanted, thus, the book is about incantation. In religious and spiritual people’s lives Zikr holds great value as it can be done any time.

The book is exceedingly juicy. Just pay a glance at the following excerpt and you stand agree with it:

“Dear Soul,

Do not despair

As you enter the city of catastrophe.

A Sufi is grateful

For his blessings,

And steadfast in his trials.”

The verse on Watan (country) is terrific and exudes pain of a citizen who is getting wounds and scars instead of sweet memories about his/her country. Similarly, there are many musings and voices, at time contrasting but most of the time setting a tone of befuddling harmony.

Zikr by Husna is a class in itself. It liberates the soul, it sooths the mind, it heals the broken heart. All in all, it is a book that one would love to keep for lifelong because purity lurks at every page.

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About the Author:

Husna is a dentist by qualification, but a writer by choice. She has a Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism as well. She discontinued her clinical practice several years back to devote all her time to the written word.

She is the author of “Saudade” – a collection of short stories, 2017 and “My Lyrical Symphony” – an anthology of poems, 2008. She is an avid traveller and photography enthusiast and uses her experiences and cultural immersion as inspiration for her stories and poems.

Zikr, in essence, is a manifestation of that. It is the pursuit of identity, humanity, love and spiritual enlightenment.

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