Books in News – Reflection by Adam Ostaszewski is a Terrific Collection of Six Stories with a Different World to Offer

Published by White Falcon Publishing worldwide in both the formats, Reflection by Adam Ostaszewski is a riveting collection of six long stories. The underlying genre of the collection is science fiction, with an amazing tone of narrative. Except one historical story, other ones are futuristic in stance and offer the things of the world that is yet to come.

The book commences the literary flair with its first story ‘Reflection’. It’s a story of great depth and detailing. It ends with such an unexpected twist that one may feel it a part of some fairy tale. In this story, Robert Smart from Europol goes to investigate the death reason of Jens Bogatoff, an influential businessman and owner of many space stations. While investigating, the cop himself gets transported to some other location. Things turn out the other way.

Right since the first story, readers will get vibes that the stories are not staged against contemporary modern world. Adam’s worlds in the stories are different and remain that way i.e. futuristic and laced with scientific and advanced technologies know-how.

Except the story ‘Meeting’ all stories are set in some other world and time (mostly future). The book depicts how things could go in future. There are stories about murder, mystery, lineage, colonization of planets in space, mutiny in a spaceship, and so on.

Adam’s skill of world building and weaving a tapestry of sub stories within each story is commendable. His stories are tough to read and decipher…yet provides an exhilarating pleasure upon completion. This is a collection that comes once in a while. It’s way different and extraordinary from its genre. Subtle! Brilliant! And magnificent!

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About the Author:

Adam Ostaszewski is a lawyer by profession who lives in Poland. He is an author of novels and short stories. He is also a fan of historical, science fiction and political fiction literature. Reflection is his publishing debut.

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