Books in News – We Meet Again by Savita Nair Captures the Beautiful, the Ugly, and Complicated Masterfully

Published by Leadstart, We Meet Again by Savita Nair is a captivating book of poems that delve deep into aspects like truth, turbulence and triumph of heart and mind. It offers over 50 poetic prose. The book may read like a normal one but there is something charming about it. The author has painted a world of emotions, regrets, honesty, defiance, and much more. Above all, the book is highly bold and expressive.

The titular poem, We Meet Again, is a great poem on reminisces and memories. Someone is speaking his/her heart out. Probably, things were left incomplete in the first meeting or in some past, the inner soul of the narrator wants to reconnect so that they can be united again for conversation, friendship, love, care, and many other minute things. Next poem is like based on an iconoclast. That person may conform to worldly parameters but not able to agree with random things. This poem highlights the comfort of our heart and mind. We cannot agree to anything, anywhere, or with anyone.

Similarly, all poems are engrossingly entertaining. They let readers to interpret the underlying meaning. Unlike a conventional poetry book, the author leveraged the power of simplicity to keep any befuddling disarray at bay. The poems reflect a lot about our life and its allied beliefs. Based on that how we interact and behave and set ourselves in a channel of pattern. The appeal of the book may sound urban and contemporary, but its literary flair is something that can heal any lunatic mind. The book doesn’t force you for an action; rather, it will leave you with cogitation of depth like ocean. At times gentle, sometimes brutal – this collection is a deliberation and mélange of what we see and what we feel. Heartwarming and soul-stirring, this is a lovely work by Savita Nair.

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About the Author:

Savita Nair is a self-confessed ‘indulgent’ poet. Having spent most of her years as an Advertising copywriter, she finds writing poetry works as a balm to soothe her frayed ‘advertising nerves’. Like several other poets, she claims that there are days when nothing eclectic enters her thoughts. And then there are those ‘inspired’ days when everything mundane, turns into prose. Savita lives for those days and those moments.

The author now resides in Pune and spends her time consulting on brands – interspersed with bouts of poetry writing and self-doubting. Her deep-rooted curiosity in people is what keeps her going – in life and work. She loves to know what makes people tick or tock, why they think what they do and essentially why everyone is so flawed yet fascinating.

When she is not writing poems, ads or songs, Savita is sipping wine, trying to keep up hopelessly with Instagram trends or dreaming of places to travel to.

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