Books in News – The Heart Travels: Experiences of a Lifetime by Avishek Ghosh Takes you on a World Tour

The Heart Travels: Experiences of a Lifetime by Avishek Ghosh is a splendid non-fiction book on travel experiences of the author. Traveling is a never-ending aspiration of a human heart. We all want to travel to far-off locations to see others culture, heritage, and to interact with locals, and above all to satiate our deep-hidden longing! Published by Leadstart, The Heart Travels is nothing lesser than a travel fantasy for readers. The author almost traveled to all places that we, normal folk, think of or anticipate while day dreaming.

The author is an IT consultant and due to his job nature, he is posted at various jobsites, including India and abroad. This is a sort of a privileged opportunity, as they get compensated for accommodation and travel, along with a good salary. Anyway, coming back to the story, we see that the book covers many destinations like Prague, Hungary, Switzerland, Slovakia, Paris, Italy, Philippines, Ladakh and Rajasthan in India, Sydney, and the UK, Iceland and Scotland and more. The author has segmented the book into 4 parts as per his travel experience across the countries and continents.

The book highlights all pointers from a traveler’s life. It is not the dream-like situation everywhere, the author when travelling to Budapest from Prague noticed that the bus quality is inferior, not as good as India’s Volvo buses. He draws comparisons and his beliefs gain new perspectives while roaming across the streets, markets, cobbled roads, downtown, bridges, etc. The book is highly informative for travel bloggers and digital nomads and someone who is looking ahead to travel to various places.

It not only gives information about exotic locations but also builds a sight of new beliefs to the readers. All the information given in the book is easy-to-grasp, language is lucid, and narration is captivating with a measured pace. If you have a travel bucket list, this is the book for you. Brimming with personal experiences and a lot of insights about far-off land, this book may stir a sense of envy in travel enthusiasts.

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About the Author:

AVISHEK GHOSH is an IT Consultant by profession. He has lived and worked at multiple locations in India and abroad thanks to his various assignments in IT consulting. He and his wife Asmi love to travel, see new places and live new experiences. Avishek also loves to write about all his experiences on his travel blog, along with actively sharing content on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Originally from Kolkata, India, Avishek did his schooling from St. Xavier’s Collegiate School, Kolkata, and his graduation in computer science from Fergusson College Pune, followed by an MBA from T.A. Pai Management Institute, Manipal.

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