Books in News – Trafficked Innocence by Sandesh Raj is a Powerful Novel Exposing Human Trafficking

Published by Notion Press worldwide, Sandesh Raj’s new novel Trafficked Innocence is a power packed novel about a father’s search for his child in India’s biggest red-light areas. The scaffold of the novel is built on human trafficking, which takes place for various reasons like slavery, sex work, begging, etc. The story of the novel features Abhishek as a potential protagonist. One day while travelling to some place with family, his some-months old daughter Munni goes missing at the railway station.

The entire family is shell-shocked. However, father Abhishek takes the leap of courage to find his Munni. He travels across many cities like Kolkata, Delhi, and Mumbai. He stays there around the brothels to keep a vigil on the abductors. In the journey, he finds many helpful and some cunning people who exploit him for their personal motif. While in his unrelenting journey, the author sheds light on the mechanism of prostitution, sex and begging rackets, trafficking, slavery of children to other countries and much more.

The story is compact and solely focuses on the search of Munni. However, it also reveals the hard and determined side of father who can go to any extent to protect his child. From Sonagachi to G.B. Road to Kamathipura, the journey of finding his child breaks him, tests his mettle, and puts him on an untoward path but Abhishek never gives up the hope. To keep the pain alive, there are stories of others as well. For instance, Fanta is a slave to Anna and consumes drugs at a tender age. He is bonded to pay the debt of his father but longs to return home one day. Likewise there is that teenage Karthik, who was too eager to tread the wrong path to break his virginity.

Abhishek learns much of the tricks and gains access to the grim and the naked reality of people involved into human trafficking in Mumbai, where he drives a cab, which also gives him access to peep into others miserable state.

Will he find his daughter? Even if yes – how will he rescue her? The rackets of human trafficking are tightly interlaced. Is Abhishek strong enough to fight alone the hidden devils? The novel makes up for an absorbing read. Human trafficking is a devil that not only ruins the life of children but also emaciates young men and women. The dark silhouettes of red-light areas are captured with keen observation. Sandesh Raj’s novels are high on message for the societies that flaunt of their civilization but hide the ugly truth of human trafficking. In all the light, this is a brilliant piece of literature by the author.

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About the Author:

Sandesh Raj is an IT professional with a goal to write scripts for the film industry. He is a post-graduate in Management and Computers. He always tries to explore new subjects to make fictional content based on real life for the readers. His first two books are ‘The Village School’ and ‘The Burning School’.

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