Books in News – Khokhan by George A. Soy is an Adventurous Fantasy Novel set on a Mysterious Island

A fantasy novel with inherent adventure is a lovely treat for readers. Published by Leadstart, Khokhan by George A. Soy is one such novel that will take you on an exciting adventurous journey with the protagonist Khokhan, an eight-year-old boy. The novel is way different from the normal genre of fantasy which later on either takes the form of dystopian or sci-fi novels. Right since the beginning, the novel brims with adventure. The ship in which Khokhan is voyaging caught in the storm, it tatters and sinks. As the shipwreck causes havoc, the boy loses sense of time and date and is washed to some mysterious island, where he was saved by an eagle and men like Andus and Thomrash.

The boy is a stranger to the people of island. In fact, even the boy finds the island queer. There people have odd ways of living and eating, they talk to animals and much more. The author has taken time to build an incredible ambience of the island. The story first stays there for some time. Both try to understand each other.

As the story progresses, readers will get acquainted with the ways of the island and more secrets will invariably resurface. The boy’s timing to reach on the island worries many senior caretakers. Their enigmatic yearly night union is around the corner. How will they hide the boy from devil shadows? Also the people of island suffer from some chastisement. They think that the boy is the blessed one who could rescue them. Will the boy end their suffering and tread on the perilous path for them or something sinister is going to happen? To get under the skin of the story, it is recommended to pick up the novel.

George A. Soy has really presented a wonderful story for the discerning readers of this genre. Anyone can enjoy this book as the author leveraged the power of simple narrative with ample amount of twists and turns.

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About the Author:

George Amon Soy was born in June 1987. He did his MBA (HR) from Pune University. He holds seven years of work experience in the domain of Human Resources, with companies like Eureka Forbes, Pranami Builder, and Essel Group.

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  1. You should read this book you will be surprised how good it is . So go out and read this book.

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