Books in News – And the Night Rolls Over by Avneesh Mahajan Madhur is an Enthralling Bilingual Collection of Poems

Published by SSK Book Publication, And the Night Rolls Over is Avneesh Mahajan’s fourth book. Like his previous books, this one is well-written and is being received heartily by the readers across the world. This book is a result of insomnia that the poet had undergone after his retirement, subsequently he utilized it and now we have a book of life experiences and worldly observation by the poet who writes with subtle sweetness. As the poet himself asserts that the book is less on imagination and more on pragmatic approach. In this book, he discusses life issues and we get to see his observation on social and political topics that were happening recently across the country.

The book offers twenty five poems of diverse nature and intensity. It is a good collection because of two languages: Hindi and English. Be it any side of the language, you will find the poems simple and juicy. The title poem is all about musings of the poet who spends night time thinking about various issues and desires…but little did he realize that in doing that the night slips stealthily. There are many good poems in the book that talk about the futility of our lives. A simple collection yet it can provide food for the thoughts. The book will leave you stirred, for sure. An amazing poetry book by someone who has great experience of life.

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About the Author

Avneesh Mahajan ‘Madhur’ is a retired Colonel of Indian Army. After serving for twenty one years in the Army, he sought Pre-Mature release to try his luck in the Civvy Street in the Telecom space. He served in Mobile Telecom sector in India and Nigeria and finally bade good Bye to Telecom sector also in 2012.

He spends most of his time reading and writing poems. His third book ‘Saptak’ was his first experiment with writing poems on spirituality. And the Night Rolls Over is Avneesh Mahajan’s fourth book. In future he intends writing poems on Gita in simplest possible dialect which could be assimilated by common man.

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