Books in News – A New Political Ethos: Panacea for Robust Societies by Kanagiri SN Prasad Offers a Gripping and Enlightening Perspective on Indian Political Parties

Published by Sankalp Publisher, A New Political Ethos: Panacea for Robust Societies by Kanagiri SN Prasad is an insightful book on Indian politics. The book batches up political commentary and articles by the author that were published in various newspapers at different timelines. Running up to 15 chapters, the book covers the A to Z semblance of the Indian politics. It introduces every possible political party and then sheds light on its history, current performance, achievements, and pitfalls.

For anyone interested in the Indian politics, or doing research on the same, or for students of Political Science, this book is of great advantage. Written in simple language, the book not only sounds friendly but also highly engaging.    

The book studies the national and regional parties at its core, yet much part of the book is oriented towards the politics of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Political parties are like civilizations, they rise and fall and the author captures those twists & turns in contemporary Indian Politics with interesting gusto. Apart from political parties, the book also heeds at other aspects such as federalism in India, people’s expectation from the governments, and much more. It is to be noted that the author studies regional parties rise and fall and success with keen interest. To support the same, he at times also presented charts, facts, and stats. By just looking at the table of contents, readers can read any chapter standalone, depending upon their requirement and interest.

Though it is a work of non-fiction, yet reads like some interesting fictional commentary.  The author Kanagiri SN Prasad is a regular columnist and expresses his views and observances on different ideologies related to political parties.

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About the Author:

Kanagiri SN Prasad, born in Nalgonda, Telangana State is a Research Scholar and an Academician. He has worked with Centre for Economic and Social Studies (CESS) and International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) for a period of over 22 years. As an educationist, he is the co-founder of Ananda Jyothi Group of Educational Institutes. His keen desire to impart metamorphic ideals has moulded the lives of thousands of students residing in India and abroad spanning over three decades.

He has mentored students to achieve their dreams in various areas of scientific innovations. Mr. Prasad attended conferences and workshops on Environmental and Agri. based Technology programmes held in Syria, Thailand, China and Bangkok as resource expert. He won several awards including the Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Award in recognition of the services rendered towards imparting holistic approach towards Education in the year 1999, Bangalore, an award of appreciation conferred by the former Hon’ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh for the brilliant contribution towards planning the Atlas of Andhra Pradesh, June 1983 .He was also awarded by the Asian Institute of Bangkok, Thailand (AIT) for having served as a resource person during the workshop “Role of GIS in Developing and Transferring Sustainable Agriculture Technologies in the Tropics” in 1995.

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