Books in News – A Pinch of HOPE in a Bowl of LIFE by Veena Sethuraman is a Powerful Collection of Short Stories on Love and Hope

A Pinch of HOPE in a Bowl of LIFE by Veena Sethuraman is an engrossing collection of five short stories that are built around one very powerful aspiration of our life: Love.

Published by Leadstart, this crisp read is well suited for all sorts of readers. Veena’s narrative is lucid and devoid of chaos. She writes with such clarity that one will begin liking her work instantly.

The book explores the theme of love in our life. Love is not only a necessity for our life, in fact it is inherent in our existence. These five stories are independent and offer holistic view on love with different characters in varied circumstances.

From these stories, we get acquainted with flawed yet relatable characters like Joseph, Gayatri, Ali, Ranganayaki, Suraiya, and Charanjeet. These people build an epitome of hope and through their stories we also get lessons in our life. In the first story which is based on Joseph, we understand that whether the family is small or big, everyone seeks attention and love. If not got properly, one can plunge into depression.

Likewise stories of others are capable of shaking our hidden emotions. It indeed is a good book if you believe in love and its allied powers. Nearly all stories are unpredictable and may keep you on the hook, for they constantly keep their sub climaxes on the tenterhooks. Overall, a brilliant read for its genre.

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About the Author:

Veena Sethuraman is a Learning & Leadership Development Consultant by profession and a Psychotherapist by passion. She loves the art and science behind human behaviours and enjoys the intricacies of life. As a life-long learner, Veena enjoys juggling between her various passions including healing self and others through therapy, facilitating behavioural workshops, writing, binge-watching, reading and traveling.

Veena is a proponent of diversity & inclusiveness and mental health awareness. In this capacity, she works closely with LGBTIQ community to amplify their voices and is a board member of the community based organization ‘Queerala’ based out of Kochi. Veena has spoken at TEDxBangaloreWomen based on her observations about trollers. She lives in Bangalore with her family.

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