Books in News – Rajaraja Chola by Raghavan Srinivasan is a Comprehensive Historical Book on South India’s Chola Dynasty

Published by Leadstart, Rajaraja Chola by Raghavan Srinivasan is a work of historical non-fiction. This book presents the lost glory of South India’s greatest King Rajaraja Chola (also known as Arulmozhivarman) of Chola dynasty. By all means, it is an extensive book on the history of this great king and right before the book could commence, the author presented maps as readers can understand the influence and territory of this king’s imperial rule.

There have been very less number of books on Rajaraja Chola so far. The author really dug harder and collected the information from various sources. The book is authentic and true to its veracity. From this book, we get to know a chunk of history that is less discussed, even in our schools and colleges, and one of the prime reasons is the overhyped fame of the King Ashoka and the Maurayan dynasty.

The full-fledged existence of Chola dynasty was present in 1030 CE or 11th century, but its roots could be traced back to 3rd century. The book offers all the events pertaining to Chola dynasty in a chronological order. The King Rajaraja Chola had set up influential systems that augmented the productive forces of the society. The kingdom’s trade links were as far reaching to China and South East Asian countries. Reading this book means getting acquainted with the great work of the King Rajaraja Chola. From historical perspective, it is a relevant book that wants to keep alive the lost glory of the king and Chola dynasty. The book is easy to read and one can make notes for various purposes.

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About the Author:

Raghavan Srinivasan is a graduate in Chemical Engineering from Madras University and a post-graduate in MBA from McMaster University, Canada. After working as a systems analyst for a few years, he was a free-lance IT professional before deciding to become an entrepreneur in the social development sector. At present he is a professional consultant in this area. He lives in New Delhi with his wife and son. He has written and edited a number of documents for governments and the UN system. He has also been editing a magazine called ghadar jari hai for several years now. He has written several cover stories, articles and travelogues for print and online newspapers.

Raghavan is passionately interested in Indian literature, philosophy and history. He believes that the past of our sub-continent has many clues to help us find our way in these confusing times.

His first historical fiction, ‘Yugantar: The Dream of Bharatavarsha Takes Shape 2300 Years Ago’ has been published by Leadstart.

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