Books in News – Bujhaye Na Bujhe by Nimish Agrawal is an Engaging Hindi Novel on the Essence of Love and Much More

Published by Hind Yugm in all formats across the country, Bujhaye Na Bujhe (बुझाए न बुझे) is Nimish Agrawal’s debut book in the form of a Hindi novel.

The novel is unique with its psychoanalytic stance on love, position of women in the strata of societies since the dawn of time and human civilization, romance and infatuation, hedonism, spirituality, and much more. All concepts are justified by small stories within. The literature perimeter of the book is rich.

In particular, the novel sheds light on various issues that remain silent in our vista and cogitation. The author tried to answer the questions that are dormant since the evolution of human civilization, in a sense the book holds a bold outlook as it challenges the veracity of true love and chasm that exists between a man and a woman.

Through some of its limited characters that remain in one Ashram, the author presented their tenacity on various topics by conversation. As they interact in their ambience, the influence of Rumi, Freud can be seen with an ease on the overall structure of the book.

The book’s language is strict and it may occur to normal Hindi readers that the narration is tough and not so easy to grasp, nevertheless the book’s view is highly philosophical and worth appreciating. This is one book that may assure you to respect women in your life and shoo away the blind beliefs that clutter the society. In simple words, this is one of the mind-changing novels in the contemporary times.

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About the Author:

Associated with various professions, Nimish Agrawal inherited the interest of writing. Nimish, who did his post-graduation three times, saw a literary atmosphere at home since childhood, which instilled in him the urge to read quality literature. Having multifaceted interests, he was particularly interested in books on religion, philosophy and psychology.

As a result of this interest, his understanding on a subject like love and its magical feeling, he gave the shape of a book, whose title is a part of the famous poet Mirza Ghalib’s shayari. As a teenager, with some writing for All India Radio, Nimish has been involved in editing and publishing a magazine and has been published in various periodicals.

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