Books in News – Katil Nurse by Subhash Kumar is a Sizzling Romance Novel that Tests the Veracity of True Love

Published by Sankalp, Katil Nurse by Subhash Kumar is a romantic thriller. The novel is set in India in the contemporary times, inclusive of Covid phase that makes the story quite vulnerable.

The novel is light to read and mainly written in conversational style. It features the love affair of Subhash and Nandu, who is a nurse in some private hospital in central India. While Subhash works in a fictional city of Maharashtra. One fateful day when Subhash is rushed to a nearby hospital after the accident, the nurse gets his number. They initially chat on phone before meeting in person. The crux of the story is whether a person can stick to love or it is bound to change with status quo?

It is a heartfelt story where Subhash purely immerses himself in the love of Nandu but when the girl takes advantage of his casual nature, as a result she gets a good job in government hospital and then she begins to change. The story is quite open but highly unpredictable. It will be interesting for you to note as how two lovers once committed turned against each other, especially that nurse who works bravely during the Covid time but later on plans to kill her lover Subhash for her selfish reasons. If you like light romance novels, you are bound to enjoy this one as well. This novel will take you to the depths of match-making and how does it matter to one’s mental health. Other than love, the novel also shares its wisdom on mental health owing to break-ups. If you ever believed in love, do try this novel. This novel should be translated in English for a wider base of readers. It is highly readable.

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About the Author:

Subhash Kumar is an electrical engineer and Indian author of fiction. His first novel Daag the Dhadkan was published by Blue Rose Publisher in 2019. Till 2021, three novels have been published by him. All his novels are predominantly based on subject of love, romance, thrill, betrayal, misunderstanding, and cunning plans. Subhash was in the habit of penning a diary which consisted of his school and college experience and memories. He also profoundly loves to writing heart-shaking poetry.

He graduated from Dayal Bagh Educational Institute, Agra. He belongs to Domra, a very small village in Harda (M.P). His mother is a house wife and father farmer. At present, he is working with water treatment sector. He is currently working on his next novel, D-Code, which is to be released soon.

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