Books in News – IT’S A Story by Satish Badgi is a Powerful Book about the Vagaries of Life in the IT Sector

Published worldwide in both formats Kindle and paperback, Satish Badgi’s novel ‘IT’S A Story’ is a terrific novel with Vinod as its central character. The novel studies the timeline of IT industry in India through characters like Vinod, Chari, Niti, Sameer, Bala, Paddy, and many more. Vinod after passing out from college takes a job in a small IT consulting firm in Mumbai. Other than struggle in job, life itself is a tangled web in the city like Mumbai. He has to endure crowd, dust, fast-paced life and much more. Yet, he sticks in the city despite getting opportunities to jump ship while he is abroad onsite. He was hesitant to live an IT or American dream but later on circumstances changes due to a startup failure and he settles down abroad.

Vinod’s story is alternate; other’s story of love, affair, heartbreak, pink salary slip, passion keeps coming from time and again. Overall, the novel is based on professionalism in the IT sector but still it is “human greed and urge” that keeps the novel on personal trough and crest.

From projects to client handling to settling abroad, the novel takes the readers on a roller coaster ride and people from the outside IT will surely enjoy this novel to the core. One prominent aspect of the book is that how IT changes the destiny of people, thus it is evident that IT is fad among the youth but can they keep up pace with the changing requirements and so on.

Satish wrote in simple language that resonates well with anyone’s line of interest and reading. A great novel about the India’s most valued sector: IT.

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About the Author:

Satish Badgi has been involved in the US payroll market for over 10 years. His implementations of SAP HR/Payroll cover many industries, such as manufacturing, public sector, utilities, and finance. In addition, he has conducted training courses for customers in the HR and Payroll area, and is a regular presenter at ASUG conferences and events. Satish also writes for HRExpert newsletter and the SAPTips community.

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