Books in News – 20 Healthy Foods for Weight Loss by Srividya Bhaskara is a Self-Explanatory Remedial Book on Weight Management and More

Self-published and available worldwide, 20 Healthy Foods for Weight Loss by Srividya Bhaskara is an insightful book on weight gain, loss, and many more aspects related to healthy lifestyle. The author lays emphasis on healthy eating habit patterns and choices of food more than exercise or paid medicine.

The book is written in simple language with stats and facts and occasional charts. However, with a promising semblance, it is way deep within its subject matter. The book revolves around 20 food items, mix of fruits and vegetables. These food items are explained in great detailing. The author is of the opinion that one should consume these food items for keeping their weight in control.

Before the detailing commences off, the book puts a lengthy yet knowledgeable introduction. People grappling with diabetes, cholesterol problems, insulin hike, blood pressure, and obesity, etc. will find many useful insights from this book. Also, it unveils light from many wrong myths related to cheese, butter, and fats. This is one book that can be referred by millions of people before they follow any food pattern. This book has coverage on all types of fats, oils, foods that make us loose or gain weight. It is an explicit book by the expert.

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About the Author:

Srividya Bhaskara is the author of the best seller book Added Sugars – the Slow Poison. Her books reveal vast knowledge and expertise in the fields of food, nutrition, and health. Srividya is a Graduate of the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, JNTU, Hyderabad, India. Her passion for food and health has driven her to write books about nutritive foods. She loves reading books, listening to music and playing shuttle badminton. She likes to spend her valuable leisure time on Fine Arts, Painting, Cooking, Creative activities and Gardening.

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