Books in News – Bells of Consciousness by Kumari Mini Yadav is a Thought-Provoking Poetry Collection with Emphasis on Divine Spirituality

Published by Notion Press in both the formats, Bells of Consciousness by Kumari Mini Yadav is a rightly delivered poetry collection when the world is already fighting against the evil spells of Covid pandemic. The book will foster hope against all odds.

The book offers 20 short crisp-read poems that are touched by the divine within their subject lines. The book for sure lifts the mental and spiritual awareness of its readers. Though there are many themes in the book, yet all are tangential to divinity, take any poem and it has its share of divine intervention.

The collection scores high on themes like hope, light of love, loneliness, faith, death wish, and some more. After reading this book, you will be changed and more powered. You will begin believing the magic of god’s love.

The book also doles out life lessons like control on anger, faith in God’s action, and learning to wait, surrender to cosmic bubble and so on. Mini’s keen observation towards the life is evident in the collection; she is also that simple and straightforward spiritual person who has seen the trough and crest of life from a close range. The book enhances the value of life. It indeed is a lovely book of some wonderful poems.

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About the Author:

Born in Tezpur, Assam, India, Kumari Mini Yadav lived in different metropolitan states and cities of India while growing up. She currently lives in Bengaluru. As a child, her late grandfather, Shri Ram Pujan Yadav  was famously known as “Sadhu Baba” in his village and the surrounding villages of Turtipar, located in Ballia district of Uttar Pradesh, India. Lovingly addressing her as “Meena”, he would often take her with him to famous temples and spiritual general assemblies of the Indian Siddha yogi saint and his Guru, Devraha Baba who lived beside the river Yamuna in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. At a very early age, her grandfather taught her to always rely on GOD as He is the sole giver of all good things in life. He would repeatedly say to her, “As you grow up Naatin (granddaughter in Bhojpuri), surrender only to God and not to any adverse situations or circumstances in your life.” Holding on to his guidance, she is now a Kriyaban and a student of Yogoda Satsanga Society of India and Self-Realization Fellowship USA, Paramahansa Yogananda Path. She is an alumnus of Punjab University, Chandigarh, India and Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore, India. The author is also the founder and CEO of WhiteLotus Financial Consulting, LLP. She is content in living the duality of her own life and its challenges. Bells of Consciousness is her first book of poetry.

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