Books in News – Honey It’s Not About Six-Pack Abs by Mayur Mathur Builds a Transformative Attitude towards Good Health

Published by Notion Press in both formats, E-book and Paperback, fitness enthusiast Mayur Mathur’s book, ‘Honey It’s Not About Six-Pack Abs’ is a superb health niche motivational book with a praise from Kiran More, former Indian Test Cricketer.

At its core, this is not a how-to or what-to-do kind of book. Instead it talks about the mindset one needs to carry to have a healthy lifestyle that is brimming with fitness, weight control and more. To develop a mindset for health and fitness, Mayur takes readers through 4 stages: Set Your Identity Blueprint, Lock-N-Load Your Arsenal, Unlock Yourself, and Let’s Get to Brass Tacks.

In these 4 stages lie the soul and essence of the book. To be a part of that health transformation, it’s imperative to read all four stages with patience and calm mind. The book takes a stance on the reasons that can create an impression in our mind and heart so that we can consider health as part of our life.

No doubt about it that the book is full of takeaways. The author also shared his trigger story as what led him to plunge in the absolute need of health and fitness. In many chapters and subtopics, the author has put stories from different walks of life that depict the value and creation of mindset – for instance Henry Ford or that monk who set himself on fire without a flinch.

Among these four stages, readers will get acquainted with many fantastic aspects like pillars of health i.e. vitality, eating right, rest or that value system that can make or break your mindset, and that gunpoint leverage explanation is reckoned as wonderful as a new invention. The section three that talks about Unlock Yourself is very fascinating yet relatable to mass.

Mayur Mathur’s love and passion for health and fitness is evident from the book. He came up with a book that is not only unique but highly helpful for health and fitness community and even for millions of people who fail after setting a promising resolution every New Year morning.

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Mayur is a fitness enthusiast on a personal mission to transform the lives of many people by helping them ‘make fitness a part of the daily minutiae of everyday life’. During his journey of fitness, he came up with the 4 stages of complete transformation vital to formulate one’s fitness blueprint, which he delineates in this book. His online initiative ‘The Health Project’ has helped shift the mindset of his clients – as he believes it’s high time that the conversation of fitness shifts from the glamorous notion of ‘six pack abs!’ only to ‘leading a long and healthy lifestyle.’ He is also an entrepreneur in the food industry, and currently is working on his second book on entrepreneurship.

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