Books in News – Weight Loss: A Sustainable Approach by Pradeep Kumar Pandey is a Time-Tested Book on Gaining Healthy Lifestyle

Published by Notion Press in Kindle and Paperback, this book is based on true health and gain stories of the author. This is a kind of trial and error book. It’s not an extensive book but based on someone’s personal journey of getting into a healthy state with rewards like fat loss, increased productivity, mental alertness, good focus, and free from diabetes, and much more benefits.

This book is not in a proper sequence, as it is neither a journal nor based on research. It is about observation and experience that the author put to lead fat loss. Right since the beginning of the book, the author lays much focus on sleep wake pattern. If one has a great sleep wake pattern, then consider half the battle is won. The book sounds abstract but true to its veracity. You are getting tips from someone who has endured the trips and tricks on himself. You can find relevant information on coconut oil, fat burners, insulin spikes, circadian rhythm, millet, and fasting window.

In its true sense, it’s an approach of the author to keep himself fit. And he penned down what he did for himself. But he is hopeful that millions of people struggling for weight loss can look up to this book as an inspiration.

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About the Author:

Pradeep Kumar Pandey is a Bachelor of Engineering graduate and works as a medical transcriptionist. He completed his Diploma in Health, Nutrition, and Weight Loss because he was interested in pursuing a deeper understanding of modern diet- and lifestyle-related health concerns and solutions. A resident of Indore (India), Pradeep has read hundreds of books related to health and fitness, and he has resolved his own health issues such as stubborn belly fat, insomnia, and sleep disorder.

Pradeep decided to write this book when he found sustainable and conclusive approaches to achieving optimum health by weight loss and improvement in sleep.  He has been experimenting with various diets and weight-loss strategies, and has gained considerable experience from them. He now wants to share his success and learning with his readers.

When not working or writing, Pradeep spends his time playing chess, hiking in the mountains, learning about business analytics, and studying strategic charts for trading and investing in stock markets.

Weight Loss—A Sustainable Approach: Lose Excess Fat this Vegan Way and Sleep like a Baby is Pradeep’s first book.

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