Books in News – The Ten Commandments of Evil by Vignesh Sivasankar is a Terrific Dark-themed Read

Published by Readomania, The Ten Commandments of Evil by Vignesh Sivasankar is a not a light or one-sided horror book. It transcends its set genre, and takes readers to a variety of events and stories where they will be befuddled by horror, spirits, demons, supernatural powers, and much more. It’s a literary roller-coaster ride in a horror house.

The author being in a marketing field travelled across the country, he came across many spooky stories of horror built around real-life incidents. As a result, we get ‘The Ten Commandments of Evil’. Through religious scriptures and books, we often get glimpses of commandments of god. One has to follow for peace and spirituality…right? But what about the commandments of evil? Your answers shall lie in this book by Vignesh.

The first story is about a couple longing for a child. When they get twins – nothing remains same in their life? The last story is about one businessman who tries to trample all for his greed…but meted out with strange haunting that was scarier than death. While reading the stories you could feel the elements of horror, you might switch on the light of the room at night, or in daylight you will crave for human presence around you. The stories are unique, real, and really spine-chilling and unsettling. All stories are long, stretched up to 299 pages in Kindle, but they don’t bore you. If you are a horror-genre reader, this book will give you real goose bumps to your fears and superstitions.

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About the Author:

Vignesh Sivasankar is an award-winning published author of various fictional anthologies. National print and online publishing platforms have acclaimed his credible work. Before he started writing, Vignesh got a graduate degree in engineering and an MBA. He’s an alumnus of Anna University, Symbiosis University, IIM Calcutta, and EDII, currently residing in the scorching heat of Chennai with a candid yet loving critic (wife) and an exceptionally naughty son. Vignesh’s stint as a marketing manager for about a decade in various industries and organizations doesn’t match the madness he endured as an entrepreneur for a couple of years. He’s now a fiction writer, penning down thoughts every day.

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