Books in News – Love Science by Surajit Roy Maps the Length and Breadth of Psychology of Love

Love is a complicated ‘thing’, it baffles and intrigues one who tries to understand it more. Despite its unbridled nature, we all need it every day. It’s love that defines our relationship and life overall. Love Science by Surajit Roy is a work of non-fiction, the author tries to explore the raw backdrop of love and its allied feelings.

It’s a well-written and well-segmented book with around 5 topics that further gets classified into subtopics. More of like, it reads like a psychology book. However, lucid narration and interesting pointers make this book quite a riveting read. The book starts with the topic: The Foundation of Love. This is quite an extensive chapter that sheds light on the value of trust and respect in love and relationship. By reading this section, you can understand that why a person in love seeks emotional support more than the just intimacy.

Another important chapter in the book is “The Biochemistry of Love”. According to it our body has Oxytocin receptor that is responsible for love feelings and stimuli. With love also comes infatuation, which is quite a natural human tendency, however with the help of this receptor we can make rational decisions and avoid doing blunders.

If you are someone affected by love and still want to take a close look at the love factor in your relationship, probably this book is for you. The only con in the book is that at times it’s a bit repetitive and doesn’t involve short stories for entertainment. The book scores high on knowledge and gives crystal clear insights on psychology of attraction.

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About the Author:

Surajit Roy, member of “Social Psychology Network”.  Born and brought up in Contai (W.B.), India. Post graduated in Arts (literature), earned his master’s from Vidyasagar University in 2011, and is presently living in Delhi. He has prominent experience in different fields of the industry like Global Trade Compliance, Banking, and Finance sector. More than a decade of experience in team-building and management, acting as team lead for numerous projects. Primarily, well-versed and focused on Social Issues, and Social Psychology.

He is also an author of the book “The Power of I, Me and Myself”; “Healing The Hidden Self” and “Finding God With Spirituality” focusing on self-help and spirituality guiding people to unleash the best version of themselves.

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