Books in News – The Alvenaz Villa by Subodh Sharma is a Classic Novella that Senses Loneliness and Incertitude in the Lives of Orphans

Published by Rudra Publications, The Alvenaz Villa by Subodh Sharma is another slow-burned classic novella inextricable tied to its cultural and heritage tentacles.

The story features two women characters, they are sort of isolated protagonists with minimal abstraction from others and the outer world. At the façade of the novella is thirty-eight-year-old Magdhele, she had a lovely childhood but had to face the orphan hood before youth. She has been living in the Alvenaz Villa for many years. She is single, lonely…bearing the brunt of memories and past life, which was quite good. Later she is joined by twenty-one-year old Carolina. Both women are orphans. They form intangible bonding among each other. They live together and the outside world considers them as cousin sisters.

The Alvenaz Villa dredges up memories of good days for both characters. In orphans’ lives, it’s quite evident that they are never left in peace by memories of their people, home, celebrations, etc. After all, who doesn’t want to be with family? Subodh’s writing has a distinct aroma of subtle brilliance. The way he ropes in cultural and heritage lineage and restlessness is at par. His previous novels, most of the time, deals with past life of their characters. He sketches the characters rich with family history and other aspects. It’s advisable to read his books slowly to enjoy an epoch of comfort leisurely.

On one hand, Magdhele and Carolina are fond of each other, while on the other side they have to tussle with the demons of their past life. Their idyllic and solitude life at the villa is well-captured against the Portuguese culture of Goa. With an unhurried pace, The Alvenaz Villa by Subodh Sharma is a smooth read that will stir your soul and awaken longing for family bonding, allegiance, and reunion.

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About the Author:

Subodh Sharma was born in Mumbai to a family of documentary filmmakers. After completing his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and moving away from the family profession, he began his carrier in the automobile industry. He worked at Mahindra and later at Same Deutz –Fahr. At present, he is working with Parveen Industries, the company involved in the manufacturing of Downhole and Completion tools. The company is based at Igatpuri. The idyllic, lush green and silent environment of Igatpuri was an inspiration to the author, initially getting involved with photography and finally into writing. The Alvenaz Villa is his latest book. He is also the author of the books — Joy in Small Things and Reminisce of the Lost Land.   

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