Books in News – Subtle Thoughts by Jithu Biji Thomas is a Collection of Short Stories to Stir Your Heart

Published and promoted by Kevein Books and Reviews, Subtle Thoughts by Jithu Biji Thomas is a collection of short stories that evokes the common yet extraordinary thought process from within. The book consists of 18 very short stories. Jithu Thomas has been writing for many years, especially short books, and this one is as good as his earlier books. Subtle Thoughts takes a dig at the random and abstract thoughts that can gallop in our mind anytime, in any situation by seeing something or being in a cogitation state.

The book commences with Menial Minds where a dying man gets in conversation with God and it shows how a man craves for God despite knowing its omnipresent yet intriguing nature. The story depicts why human race runs madly run after God, with no concrete proof about it. Anyway, the book explores the nuisances and idiosyncrasies of random mind that looks at the things from a different aspect…for instance at a tea shop the narrator notices the comments of a person about stickers that decorate bikes and cars. But that is a general opinion and it should not affect anyone’s personal life.

Jithu’s stories are short and easy to understand. They take you on that ride that we often brood or think about in leisure…but he also challenges the stereotype of the society. He captures even tiny specks of imagination with his fervent passion of storytelling. There are many stories that undoubtedly will touch your soul and strike a chord of relativity to you.

Short, crisp, brilliant and a cool read for any day. Pick up this book for your summer treats.

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About the Author:

Born to a simple family hailing from Kerala, Jithu Biji Thomas, an MBA graduate, spends most of his time thinking about life and other philosophical matters revolving around him. He yearns to find out ways that would help one to live out of the box – a box that the society has setup as a role model. He prefers to lead his life away from the rat race and is always found in the midst of good old country songs, great food and lots of tattered copies of books in some lonely green nook. He has been maintaining a blog for so many years where he scribbles down his mumblings. The blog is aptly named after the character of the blogger – living within. His first book ‘Mumblings from the Depth’ attracted much attention and raised a level of much eminence.

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