Books in News – Immersed in West Africa by Terry Lister is a Travelogue that Explores the Other Unseen Side of Africa

Published by Book Power Publishing (Niyah Press), Immersed in West Africa by Terry Lister is a terrific book about author’s journey in the West Africa. He traveled across five countries: Senegal, Mauritania, The Gambia, Guinea, and Guinea Bissau. The core nature of the book is travelogue; however, it can also be referred by solo travelers, tourist groups, and digital nomads.

Terry Lister belongs to Bermuda and is a regular traveler. The book explores historical culture, art, people and their state of mind, local customs and much more. The book has many colourful pictures where the author is seen posing at the places like beaches, museums, shrines, etc.

Terry honestly pens down his experience of the West Africa. He didn’t sound someone looking for a destination to take rest or meet friends after a long time, rather he traveled like a common man in these five countries almost for two months. He gathered raw yet rich experience amidst small joys and harrowing situations. He didn’t sugarcoat the Africa he witnessed. He was brutally honest in his narrative. As a reader you can gather that life in Africa is fun yet not-so-easy with devoid of many basic facilities.

Terry goes through corrupt border officials that try to seize his money on various excuses, struggles for cash at ATMs and well-facilitated hotels, to get a seat in sept-cars – all looks heartbreaking if you never dealt with similar situations of embarrassment and discomfort.

Terry is a great traveler, who revels in all sorts of situations. The book is quite an interesting read and sheds true geographical, cultural, and historical knowledge about the West Africa. It’s quite a useful and insightful book, especially for solo travelers. The book has been an Amazon Bestseller since its release and has won the following International Book Awards:

2020 Indies Today Notable Entry

2021 International Book Awards Finalist

2021 Independent Press Award Travel: Distinguished Favorite

2021 Book Excellence Award Finalist

2021 Paris Book Festival Travel: Runner Up

2020 Incipere Awards Adventure: First Place

2021 Readers Favorite 5 Star Award

2021 Literary Titans Silver Star Award

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About the Author:

Terry Lister is a traveller and a writer. Prior to that he was a partner in Deloitte accounting firm, a Minister in the Government of Bermuda, and a realtor. He retired at 60 and has been a solo traveller for the past six years and now has been to 96 countries including 22 in Africa.

Since retiring, when he’s not travelling, Lister spends time with his family, relaxes with a good book, or sits down to watch his favourite cricket and football teams. 

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