Books in News – Noctambulism: Flood of Blood by Shubhan Balvally is an Award Winning Murder Mystery

Published by Notion Press in both formats Kindle and Paperback, Noctambulism: Flood of Blood by Shubhan Balvally is a much-awaited intense family-drama crime thriller cum murder mystery staged against the Goa’s culture.   

Having gathered over 400 reviews on a reading app Inkitt, now the novel is available at all leading online book stores. The story is about Pinto family. It is headed by two brothers (Lazarus and Lawrence) who rise from rags to riches. They make hefty wealth; however, their family grows many folds due to the polygamist nature of the elder brother Lazarus and that causes problem later on.

If there is a wealth and big family, trouble is inevitable. Like every year, the Pinto family gathered at their own Bat Island for Christmas and New Year celebration. The ladies of the home aren’t fond of one another, subsequently clashes are rampant. A lot of family drama befalls repeatedly.

Aftermath of the Will reading, the family lawyer Martin is murdered. Next Monica and her son James and a few more family members are murdered in a span of six days by a killer who roams in a black hood. From the guests, three sleuths take up the charge to find the killer. They are assured that it’s someone from the family. How they investigate fills the rest of the novel. However, the novel poignantly sheds light on sleepwalking disorders in which people can do anything bizarre. The storyline follows one such interesting theme.

The novel is lengthy but filled with surprising twists and turns, as the detectives say often, “Just when you think have solved the case, there comes another shocking twist to the tale.”

The storyline is highly unpredictable, even when the killer is caught. The novel reaches out to the root cause of murders and many will be nonplussed to know that a sleep disorder was leveraged as a powerful tool to murder people.

Despite a large family tree that can sound as a confusing list of characters yet it’s a simple and effective crime thriller. Shubhan Balvally is a seasoned author, who has already impressed reading communities with the Arihant trilogy. His shift from sc-fi trilogy to a murder mystery was smooth and welcomed so much that he won award for this novel by Ukiyoto Publishing in 2022.

You can buy your copy from Amazon/Kindle.

About the Author:

Shubhan Balvally is from the world of Advertising and Films, having started his career in Feature Films, T.V Serials, documentaries and then eventually settling down in the Advertising Industry. He lives and works in the city of Mumbai, India.

He is a debutant writer, written the first part, sequel and the threequel of ARIHANT.  E-Books of the ARIHANT TRILOGY are published on AMAZON KINDLE. They were published in the year, 2019, 2020 and 2021 respectively. Currently working on his fifth novel which is a sequel to the murder mystery NOCTAMBULISM–FLOOD OF BLOOD.

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