Books in News – Forever She by Amitav Ganguly Presents Tales of Love and Passion with Supernatural Elements

Published by Notion Press in both formats Kindle and Paperback, Forever She by Amitav Ganguly is a super class book of seven short stories about love and passion with tinge of supernatural elements. Previously, the author shot into recognition by a collection of murder mystery, namely “Ten X Murders for the Mind.”

All the stories are short and easy-to-read with mind-blowing endings. The context of ghosts, supernatural forces, evil doers, or spirits – all blend with other aspects in such a subtle way that you not only grow fan of the author but also enjoy reading the book.

Be it any story, a female is at the centre of the story. Thus, the title is highly apt. Another great aspect of the book is that no twist or turn repeats, all stories have different incredible endings. All the stories are set in different backdrops from a tribal region of Chota Nagpur to cosmopolitan cities like Mumbai.

The first story deals with a killing of a tribal young woman by a lover turned rapist. How a visitor is helped by a shaft of light and that spirit to get hold of that killer is simply scintillating. Another great midway story is about that radio clock – clubbing time travel with supernatural elements was terrifically done. It’s sure that the book will dole out an amazing experience to the discerning readers of this genre because of its bizarre and quirky nature. Neither horror nor ghost stories, Forever She is something different and otherworldly for sure. The narration flows like a smooth river. Amitav Ganguly is a master storyteller.

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About the Author:

Mr. Amitav Ganguly is a senior corporate law specialist in India with more than three decades of legal affairs, management, and corporate administration experience. A resident of New Delhi, India, he has penned many articles in corporate laws which have been very successfully published online and in prominent journals.

Besides his professional writings, his passion for Indian and world literature has inspired him to author short stories of different genres. He has written and published more than fifty such stories with a large readership that continues to grow.

On many occasions, his stories have been chosen as “editor’s choice” and “story of the month.” Many of his stories have been adapted for plays, and one crime story has been an inspiration for a popular short film, “45 Seconds.” His previous books, “Twelve Paranormal Tales and TEN X MURDERS FOR THE MIND” are continuing to be very well received by the readers. Forever She – a collection of short stories – is his latest book.

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  1. Extremely intersting and intriguing. Each story surprises the reader with its novelty and ingenuity. A good read!

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