Books in News – Roving Eyes by S. Mahesh is Rich with Indian History with Women as Protagonists

Published by Takshasila Mudrana in both formats, Roving Eyes by S. Mahesh is a captivating historical fiction book of twelve short stories. The core theme of the book is to explore the role of women instrumental in shaping the dynasties and kingdoms and deciding the battles from the rich expanse of the Indian history. The book takes out stories from a large stretch of time i.e. mix of both B.C. and A.D. to medieval history epoch.

The first story is about Amrapali and Bimbisara. It emanates from the familiar places mentioned in Mahabharata: Vaishali and Magadh. The story follows the fate of a beautiful woman named Amrapali in Vaishali. She was so beautiful that the king chose to make Amrapali as a Nagar Vadhu instead of marrying her into some known prince because Vaishali was not that a strong kingdom. This way the king avoided the attention of other kings and being dragged into any battle.

However when the King Bimbisara from Magadh attacked Vaishali, it was Amrapali that saved its people by marrying Bimbisara. But fate had something else to narrate. When Ajatshatru attacks Vaishali, she is caught in the path of dharma, she lands in prison. It’s quite an ironical yet true story where the life of a woman didn’t hold any purpose as ironies swayed against her intentions.

All stories have a pattern that will fall familiarly into your insight when you will progress with the book. Stories are staged against various kingdoms and regions, it makes the book highly diverse. Not all stories are about true love, rather the book depicts as how women acted and were used to win kingdoms, for reconciliation, and even in some cases kings chased women in pursuit of lust to an extent that they lost their warrior mettle and settled for peace.

It’s a highly readable book, you can pick up any story in any order. The collection will take you on a historical tour where women sacrificed their life and love for peace and humanity. Roving Eyes is indeed about Love, Lust & Battles of Indian Royalty.

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About the Author

S. Mahesh is a business editor of ‘Deccan Chronicle’ and also a history scholar by education. He is interested in alternative history and political fiction. A scholar in ancient Indian history, the author worked in journalism for 20 years at different levels.

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