Books in News – Embracing God in the Right Perspective with the Right Foundation of Faith in Him Volume I by Chris Tham

Embracing God in the Right Perspective with the Right Foundation of Faith in Him Volume I by Chris Tham is an engrossing theological book on the Christian faith. The book first asks questions about God, Jesus’ role for the humanity, devil, sin, and so on. Next, it answers with the help of Biblical epistles, apostles, excerpts and logical flow charts for better simplification.

The book draws the curtains from the common questions that linger in the minds of millions of people across the world but they are either afraid or don’t care to get the proper answers. In a true sense, the book’s purpose is to enlighten people about the Christian religion.

The content of the book may sound heavy for those who are not acquainted with Bible or Christianity, yet the author’s summary and flow charts help to understand the essence of the content in its full glory. On offer are many topics, substantial enough to clear fog off as many queries as possible.   

The very first chapter is about God and I. For instance, who is God and who created me and why, and so on.

This chapter takes the help of Genesis to answer the basic questions. As you read ahead in the book, you will find that that author has presented the concept of God versus Evil in a simple way by leveraging the word Flesh. In fact ‘flesh’ takes the centre stage at many justifications, yet it was quite easy to grasp the essence. For instance flesh is equal to devil. The God created man with a spirit but when Eve ate the fruits from the tree of knowledge, the equation changes. The flesh becomes the reason for our worldly desire and sins and what not.

The book is extensive and throws a large amount of knowledge about Christian faith through various holy Biblical Holy Scriptures like Romans, Genesis, Deuteronomy and etc…

This book covers the length and breadth of Christianity. Even folks outside the Christian faith can start here successfully. Not only Biblical summaries are great, its expanse on Jesus and his contribution for humanity is also covered brilliantly. It sheds light on the difference between absolute faith on God versus shallow aspects. Its great part is that it’s free from pricking topics that can cause controversies. The author Chris Tham seems well-versed with his research and subject.

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A professional Accountant by education and training. Have been working for umpteen years in the field of financial reporting, corporate finance and taxation in multiple organizations of various sizes ranging from small medium enterprises to public quoted companies. A firm believer in the Gospel of Light through Christ Jesus. The greatest joy in life is to discover man’s truthful identity in God. I am eternally grateful for God’s gift of truth and grace in the Word of God, in Christ Jesus. Every living soul in the history of mankind is a child of God. You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free! Amen.

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