Books in News – Why Should I Worry When I can Face the World? by Shibu Nair Uplifts Optimism, Hope, and Happiness

Published by Walnut Publication in both formats, Shibu Nair’s ‘Why Should I Worry When I can Face the World’ is a relevant and insightful book that guides its readers as how to be free from depression, anxiety, future, and so on. The book has a holistic approach on its content. It imparts great knowledge about leading a good life, especially the current time, with quotes, short stories, and some anecdotes from the author’s personal life.

The book has 11 chapters. It starts with gratitude and goes on to many preaching like how to tackle negative thoughts, despair for past activities, curbing anxiety and many things that obtrude over us.

The book has a great connectivity because it has short stories with gullible characters that present the situations, analysis, and even solutions. Reading a self-help book can be fun – is possible with Shibu’s flawless narration. The book is optimally worded. Shibu doles out advice not by just stating it but by giving various experiences and examples.

If you are let down by life at many points and still there is something that pull you back, probably this is the time to introspect and work on your thought structure. And this book is a best place to start. It’s simply inspiring while covering a gamut of topics. A must read for all who are stuck in a vicious nervous cycle.

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About the Author:

Shibu Nair is a renowned motivational speaker and educational consultant from Mumbai, India. Eloquent and confident, he has positively influenced the lives of thousands of people in India and abroad through his inspiring motivational lectures. He motivates and encourages his audience through his lectures, makes them realise their true potential and instills in them self-belief and confidence.

Shibu Nair is incredibly popular as his meaningful speeches make everyone feel blessed about themselves, feel optimistic about their future inspiring them to walk along the path of happiness and success. He delivers lectures on anxiety and stress management to numerous government and private organisations and university students and teachers across India and abroad.

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