Books in News – Diary of a Whimsical Lover by Gaurav Sharma is Light Romance Novel with Drama, Intrigue, and Laughs

Published by Think Tank Books, Diary of a Whimsical Lover by Gaurav Sharma is a light romance novel set in Canada. It features as lead characters Gaurav Sharma and Maya.

Gaurav is a student in Vancouver, Canada. He lives with his friend Kev and soon introduced to a caring Indian auntie Mrs. Caul. Being Indians on a foreign soil, hence they are tied closely…often meeting and caring about one another. The novel also explores the tough side of being an expatriate, especially the struggle in Canada’s harsh winter, job hunt, and finding a suitable and budget-friendly accommodation.

Maya is Mrs. Caul’s daughter. When Gaurav stumbles upon her first time, he was dazed by her beauty and expressions. He instantly got a liking for her. As life chugs ahead for him, he struggles for a job. He gets one but at a faraway location, where he could not think of residing. As a last resort, he is helped by Mrs. Caul. He stays at her home, where he gets close to Maya after much hesitation.

The narrator often daydreams about Maya. He writes a novella about on love with Maya. But will he be able to confront her with that book? Will she reciprocate his love or is it going to be cul-de-sac affair for Gaurav?

Love feelings are not deeply sketched but Gaurav and Maya come close on the pretext of daily chores, tiny outings, morning walks, and so on. As a reader you can feel how love builds in the air. The love is portrayed as soft and fragile as hope.

Gaurav’s writing is lucid, at par with standards of soft romance. He successfully managed to kindle a spark of love through his innate language usage. The nuisances of trivial things, tidbit chats, tiny hangouts – all captured in a contemporarily style.

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About the Author:

Gaurav Sharma (born 4 March 1992) is an Indian author and novelist, best known for his national (India) bestselling novel, God of the Sullied. His other books include, Long Live the Sullied (sequel to God of the Sullied), The Indian Story of an Author and a semi-autobiographical fiction Gone are the Days which he completed writing in ten months. Prior to Gone are the Days, Gaurav authored three textbooks related to the field of journalism and mass communication.

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