India News Cover Story – Rx CUREASURE is a New Age Medical and Healthcare Service Platform

“People are just as extraordinary as they believe themselves to be. On this premise, I founded Rx CUREASURE in 2022, to improve the quality of life of the citizens by providing high-quality services that exceed industry standards.”

– Papia Chakraborty

Having a glimpse of the ongoing situation predominantly found many families that are economically sound but do not have proper manpower decorously. So taking the ball game in mind, I have come up with the thought to give medical service-based aggregator Paas (Platform as a service) to the nation which will help society in a long run.

The concept of Rx CUREASURE is to help people in medical contingencies, to provide medical attendance and assistance to families that fall short of time due to professional and personal commitments.

It will provide professional manpower to aid, and support families when caring for loved ones, which will help the nation immensely. The subsequent years have been a roller-coaster of highs and lows, successes and failures. I feel blessed to be able to contribute to this concept and shape this exciting new era in India.

Watching people nail-bitter to find the desirable support regularly has fuzzed me up. We have seen a lot of people wail at adversity as they couldn’t find the suitable hospital or the precise doctor for their malady, we have also seen people finding the desirable person who can pull the strings to help them hold on to the proper physician, even after a grapples they hardly find one. Also, endured it personally over my family that whenever we call up a hospital for emergency services either their line is busy or they just don’t reply to the call. And after lot of arduous and finally, when we try to ask them for an emergency vehicle service we might just end up with a so-called “NO AMBULANCE ARE AVAILABLE” which in some cases is the most mind-screaming experience ever. So taking this into action we have come up with an idea of why not give all mod cons at just one click right from your couch!

Rx CUREASURE enables every citizen to get the best medical facilities in the metropolitan Phoenix area.

Rx CUREASURE provides plan-based keynotes for the users, enabling them to even manifold. Cureasure’s mission is to improve the standard of livelihood of our society by providing high-quality services that exceed industry standards. It will also empower home care providers to deliver superior care. It doesn’t add a lot of fluff, but more so, emphasizes – “whom we help and what we help with.”

Our vision at Rx CUREASURE is to bridge the gap between the people and the medical services in a sole platform with a single click. We envision a platform where people are changed by the gratification and humility that come when truly connecting with and caring for people during their most vulnerable times of need.

This deep understanding will keep us grounded and rise up the desire for excellence that we seek in every decision we make and interaction we have. Our commitment at Rx CUREASURE is to be a capable platform that will be known for excellence and identified by customers as the best service provider of choice in the metropolitan Phoenix areas.

Rx CUREASURE is going to provide an entirely new set of physiognomy for its users, onset from appointment bookings all the way to the way back home from the hospital.

As a founder of the company, my perception is to glimpse everyone with a smiling face over the period. That’s what Rx CUREASURE is meant for “Cureasure – committed to caring.”

From Team Rx Cureasure to the people out there: “We Want You to Smile with Joy Forever.”

About the Founder: Papia Chakraborty

Papia Chakraborty is a founder of medical and healthcare startup Rx CUREASURE Healthyelite Opc Pvt Ltd. She has 10+ years of experience into corporate segment. By profession she is a director of the company and by passion a graphic designer. She hails from an upper middle class family from Guwahati, Assam.

She is a Post Graduate in English literature and also acquired Graphic designing skills under Arena Animation. She has received numerous awards for her startup.



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  1. All the best for your dream….i know this dream can’t sleep you well and for that you can convert this dream into reality…best wishes

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