Books in News – Selling from Your Comfort Zone by Stacey Hall Offers a New Positive Approach for Salespeople

Published by Berrett-Koehler Publishers in both formats, Selling from Your Comfort Zone by Stacey Hall is an impactful book for people part of any type of sales in their personal and professional lives.

Breaking the stereotype scaffold of sales, this book validates the new invention in the sales world. Ever since the advent of sales domain, these people are often reckoned as pushy and spammy to follow in the wakes of Abc (always be closing) of sales.

The new Abc of Hall is Alignment + Belief × Consistency. Stacey Hall’s alignment marketing formula results in Sales, Satisfaction, and Success.

The book personalized the sales process by aligning core values, personality traits, and comfort zone. Contrary to old beliefs of relinquishing comfort zone, this unique book instead utilizes it for sales, satisfaction, and lasting relationship with client.

Hall has clear understanding of the sales as a subject. She explains everything in such a lucid and docile way that incredibility draws in inevitably as readers chug ahead with the book.

At times witty and funny, Hall brings a sense of relief to sales folks if they try implementing her formula to win and close sales.

“In this must-read book, Stacey Hall validates those who earn their living by making sales. She inspires us to realize we make a big difference in the lives of others as we solve problems with our products and services. And she reminds us to stay true to our own values to attract those customers, who resonate strongly and powerfully with our message and our mission.”

—Kim Ward, CEO, Katie’s Mission, bestselling author, speaker, and coach

“This is the guide that all network marketing leaders will want their team members to read. This is for those who want to rise through the ranks and achieve their sales and team building goals. This is for those who want to feel confident, powerful, and in alignment with their values.”

—George Madiou, founder and CEO, the Network Marketing Magazine

About the Author:

Stacey Hall is the founder of the Success with Stacey Hall and the groundbreaking social media marketing training program Go for YES, which has helped thousands of people attract more sales, customer and employee satisfaction, and success. Hall is an acclaimed international speaker who gained recognition for her TEDx Talk. Her mission is to help all salespeople attract and connect with their ideal audience, solve their audience’s problems, close more sales, and leave a positive legacy that lives on long after they are gone.

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