Books in News – Angels, Herpes and Psychedelics by Beth Bell Distills Timeless Wisdom on Inner Awakening

Published by Lioncrest Publishing in all formats, Angels, Herpes and Psychedelics by Beth Bell is a gripping memoir of the author. In this book Beth Bell voices her journey from seemingly a perfect life to fighting the odds to realizing the true inner awakening of her soul.

The expanse and timeline of the book is vast, making Bell’s personal story great. Indeed it was! Every noble soul on this earth craves to live a peaceful and purposeful life. However chaotic greed, deceptions, domination, and betrayals in the relationship obstruct the simple dream of a perfect life. Beth’s journey of inner awakening, realization of self-power, intervention of divine’s bliss, and becoming resilient was nudged by her fluctuating relationship maze. She being honest and straight but the person on other side was seeking opportunities to control her, to use her as a resource, considering her as an object of desire.

The book also reinstates one universal truth that life can never be perfect. Nevertheless, one can always contemplate to make it pleasant and useful. Beth tries a lot of things to calm her mind, heart, and body…she encounters angels, gets inflicted with herpes, and unwittingly indulges into drugs of psychedelics and travels across the world and connects with all sorts of friends.

From failed marriage to affairs with vile men to corporate world success, Beth was unstoppable in her pursuit of finding her true path of her soul. She was right in opening up her mind to understand the illusions of hedonism. Depending upon the perspectives of life, Beth Bell’s book has many takeaways for each one of us.   

Angels, Herpes and Psychedelics by Beth Bell is well received by the reading communities across the world. It is getting raving reviews and praises on all platforms.

“This book is a thoroughly honest account of the life and loves of a woman who could be any one of us. I bet all who have read Beth’s story will find parallels that they can draw with their own lives. I found the writer’s ability to trust in source/god and let go of her desire to control things to be the strongest message for me. Well worth reading!”

– Amazon Reader

“She bravely shares both the joys and mistakes that have taken her to where she is today. The book shows us that we are not alone in our struggles and as Beth discusses the modalities that she used to pull herself through, we realize that we can also use these same modalities to get us through. The book encourages us to break the circle loops in our minds and shows us how it is possible to change the direction in our own lives.” 

 – Amazon Reader

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About the Author:

A rising sales star turned marketing executive, Beth Bell spent 15+ years leading strategic branding and more in the pharmaceutical industry. Along the way, she began listening closely to the world around and within her—provoking Beth to ditch her corporate career and pursue her life’s purpose of “pollinating the planet with love.”

As her inward journey deepened, Beth became known as the “Flower Whisperer” and forged new paths as an entrepreneur designing silver jewelry in Bali and then as a radio/TV show host and author. Currently, she’s a multi-dimensional advisor for CEOs and psychedelic pharmaceutical companies. Beth resides in America with her rescue dog, Lily.

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