Books in News – A Wall of Sand, a Romance Novel, Transcends Many Political Speculations

Published independently, A Wall of Sand by Mohammad Ali is a romance novel staged against Gaza City, in Palestine. As going by the news reports and rumours, the Gaza strip is highly vulnerable to riots, border tussles, and political conflicts. Mohammad Ali didn’t go deep in those political sanctums, rather steered his novel to the love saga of one Palestinian boy and a girl from Israel – Fahd and Leah.

Fahd is a poor boy with regular basic struggles in his life for his family. On the other hand, Leah belongs to a rich Jewish family living in Israel. The locals from both sides of the bordering countries – Palestine and Israel – move in and out for their work and other chores. Though a volatile border with international intervention, people there treat themselves as local and as normal in any peaceful part of the world.

Amid the chaos of border tensions and milling crowd of locals, Mohammad Ali spots an unlikely gradual love story of inter-religion and cross borders. Fahd becomes the daily cab driver for Leah, who is practicing nursing in Palestine. Soon some untoward happens at the borders, amid chaotic tension, the girl Leah unwittingly takes refuge in Fahd’s home. But it isn’t so simple for a poor Arab family to hide an Israeli girl. Soon Mossad follows up. The family finds themselves in a perilous situation.  

On one side they are struggling with the tensed ambience of their city, on the other hand, Fahd and Leah couldn’t resist falling in love? With borders closed, a wall coming up – does fate leave any hope for these young fragile lovers?

A Wall of Sand by Mohammad Ali is a fabulous romance read balancing the frugality of love amidst cross border cultural situations.

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