Books in News – Beyond the Father (Gods on Trial: The Series Book One) by Opëshum is a Riveting Sci-fi Epic with a Unique and Layered Narrative 

Published by 1iR3 Publishers, LLC, Beyond the Father by Opëshum is the book one in Gods on Trial Series. The introvert author Opëshum has created a fascinating world of sc-fi fantasy thrilling with snatches of action, adventure, and family drama, etc.

The world building is done to sketch out the Xzyber planet, which is always in turmoil due to its regions subverting conflicting for a scarce resource: teal oil. Further, as the story progresses with its long cast of characters, intriguing nature and landscape, people are worried not for the unity of kingdom but for their own needs. No matter what or where people, in flesh and metal, exist…but personal aspirations never cease to nudge one in the traps of sin and treachery.

The novel at the front façade sees the King Thio worried about his crumbling kingdom. His daughter Anya dead, others trying to download her in VR for a new avatar of Mollards, while his son Anglid takes a vision quest, but he is trapped by his own swirls of destiny by crashing into some inhabited region.

The novel doesn’t follow any strict or straight route of storytelling, it switches between many POVs with credible back stories. This novel ‘Beyond the Father’ sets the ground work for rest of the books coming in the series.

From kings to military generals to slaves to gods like Plebony and Flexix to people classification between Mollards and Non-Mollards, this debut novel is multi-layered with some incredible landscape settings and high-octane drama among the citizens of Xżyberians.

Relying on a powerful narrative, ‘Beyond the Father’ delves deep to narrate the inevitable classic warfare on the planet Xżyber, with sorrow of death, and hidden conspiracies against one another.

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About the Author:

Opëshum has been writing since she was a child, and believes that authors are selected by their characters to bring their stories to the world. Incredibly shy and introverted, Opëshum does not make public appearances. She prefers to remain behind the scenes as the characters in her books take center stage. Her current work, the 8-Book Sci-Fi Epic gods on Trial: The Series™ kicks off with Book 1, BEYOND THE FATHER. 

Opëshum calls Sheridan, Wyoming her home, where she is currently writing Book 2 of this series. She lives in a modest Cape Cod dwelling on 3 acres of land where she lets a robust variety of sunflowers grow wild and untamed, while Aloe Vera and other succulents decorate almost every ledge within her house. An avid writer in the early morning and late at night, Opëshum often works on her manuscripts in rooms lit only by homemade candles. She enjoys nature walks, full moons, and open spaces where she can stare up at the stars.   

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