Books in News – Krishna Series: the Beginning by Kapil Dabur is a Terrific Page Turner Novel

Published by White Falcon Publishing, Krishna Series: the Beginning by Kapil Dabur is stunningly an absolute mythological thriller. The novel is way different from any sort of retelling; it introduces Krishna in a likely upcoming series. Thus, the subtitle is referred as “Beginning.”

Much part of the story doesn’t feature Krishna directly. It rather does a backdrop building for the character that is going to dominate the world in the upcoming books of the series. Earlier if you have read novels on Krishna, you must be aware of his grooming amidst the Gokul community… his childhood antics and love affairs with girls. However, this novel introduces all these elements later that too in snatches.

The plotline is largely Bhairavs verses Vaishnavs. Mahajanpad houses many states, all kings live in harmony for the sake of peace and socio-economic welfare. However, deep inside they are divided, but outwardly they worship and follow the karmic law of Lord Rudra. Lord Rama was considered the seventh avatar of Vishnu.

But little did they know that a prodigy child is born and it is a matter of worry for all, especially for the Bhairav kingdoms. The novel also puts optimum focus on the leader of Bhairavs – Kansa. He wasn’t that cruel as shown everywhere. It is to be noted that he changed for the sake of love when he fell for Rati. But some circumstances turned him vile, so much misunderstanding that he considered Gokul community his enemy.

The novel has a long cast of characters, it was expected in an epic that is revolving around the Lord Krishna. As readers take plunge, move deeper, they will understand the differences between kings and gurus and much more. You will be amazed to witness conspiracies and kingdom politics being played there for personal prejudice and motives.

It is not just an engrossing tale but also a novel that boasts of its immaculate language, exquisite vocabulary and splendid prose. Kapil is amazing at drawing emotions out from the characters according to situations. Love, lust, grief, betrayal – every emotion is expressed beautifully to craft the characters. It’s an action-packed drama thriller.

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About the Author:

An MBA from IIM Bangalore, Kapil has deep rooted interests in mythology. Having worked in the corporate world for almost 16 years, he finally decided to pursue his passion for Writing. This is his third novel. Previous ones being ‘Unusual Choices’ and ‘The Signet Ring’.

Apart from his passion for writing, he also has a keen interest in Stock markets.

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