Interview with Author Kapil Dabur: Discussing Krishna Series and Other Stories from Life

We are back with another author interview. Today, with us, we have Kapil Dabur – the author of Krishna Series: the Beginning.

The author is an MBA from IIM Bangalore, Kapil has deep rooted interests in mythology. Having worked in the corporate world for almost 16 years, he finally decided to pursue his passion for Writing. This is his third novel. Previous ones being ‘Unusual Choices’ and ‘The Signet Ring’.

HE speaks to NEWS WORLD INC about his Krishna Series books,writing aspirations, upcoming books, life memories and much more.Stay on…while we chat with him.

NWI: What is the concept and inspiration behind Krishna Series books?

Kapil:  It’s a series of three books.The first part is about Krishna’s early life, well before the war of Mahabharat. The first part focuses on the birth and the early days of Krishna. The book also builds on the life and unique character of the mighty Kansa. It showcases power struggle between two ancient brotherhoods, both determined to dominate the Mahajanapads. The climax of the first part gives a riveting twist to the story and seamlessly connects the reader to the next two parts.    

NWI: How is the first book in the series, ‘The Beginning’ is different from any other Krishna-based mythological retelling?

Kapil:  I am sure all other books on Krishna-based mythological retelling would have their own set of uniqueness. My book begins right before Krishna was born and then builds upon Krishna’s life from a mysterious child, going on to become a revered God.

NWI: Could you tell in short about your previous books ‘Unusual Choices’ and ‘The Signet Ring’?

Kapil:  The Signet Ring is a very interesting concept. It’s the story of a mysterious person who leads the fight against the infamous Black Death. The concept revolves around the myth of Hanuman, one of the ten Chiranjeevi’s, one blessed with Eternal life. The plot seamlessly connects the present-day events with the early life of Lord Hanuman.

Unusual choices, my first novel is about the challenges a person faces while pursues his entrepreneurial dream. It’s an interesting concept that shows how a person responds to the challenges that he faces during his journey, how his personal and professional choices drag him into conflicting situations. 

NWI: Why did you choose Lord Krishna for your mythological books?Why not other Gods or Influencers?

Kapil:  Lord Krishna is one of the most revered and loved God. One needs to conduct loads of research before evenstarting the book concept. I was able to find lot of information on Lord Krishna across both offline and online platforms.This was one prime reason why I choose Lod Krishna for my mythological book series.

NWI: How did you find the writing chord, or were you a born writer?

Kapil:  I was definitely not a born writer! Although I was a very avid reader even in my childhood. Gradually, I moved on from Hardy Boys and Ruskin Bond to Chetan Bhagat and Dan Brown.

It was during my first startup in 2013 that I began my first novel. It was an amazing experience, something that drove me to write on a daily basis. Since then, it has been a full-time job.

NWI: What else drives you other than writing fiction?

Kapil:  Equity trading is my other passion. I am very active in the equity markets. It too requires lot of research and information gathering.One needs to be updated of events in the macro and micro environment on a regular, ongoing basis. It connects perfectly with my passion of Reading and Writing.

NWI: How do you handle the response of this book, especially from your friends and relatives and readers?

Kapil: I got very encouraging feedback from my friends, family and fellow readers. Infact I also received very inspiring feedback from a highly established Best Seller Author. It feels great to be connected with the larger Author community, sharing feedback and best practices. It’s a fantastic learning experience, one that pushes you to do better every day. 

NWI: What do you aspire as an author?

Kapil:  As an author I aspire to give a vivid expression to my creativity. I love to share my stories with my readers, whose feedback is the most important thing to me. I foresee my books reaching out to readers across agegroups, genres and so forth.

NWI: What are you working on next, any book in near future?

Kapil: I am working on the second part of The Krishna Series. Along with it, I am also working on a new concept which relates to the triad of famous Indian Goddesses.

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