Books in News – The Blue Jinx by Nisha Thakur is a Well-Explored Crime-fiction Plot

Nisha Thakur is a rising novelist in India. She got appreciated and noted for her three novels: First You Plz, The Blue Jinx, and the recently published, ‘The Unexpected Trail.’

In 2022 Nisha Thakur published a murder mystery on Kindle, ‘The Unexpected Trail.’ The novel was well-receivedamong many reading communities. It grew so popular that readers also begin exploring her 2015 published murder mystery crime thriller, ‘The Blue Jinx’. It’s a gripping psychological and supernatural thriller that will keep readers hooked as they delve deep in the world of two naive lovers cum self-styled investigators: Nikhil and Samar.

An unattended rape and murder case of Shanipriya! Why was it hidden? Nikhil chanced upon a shocking medical report, while Samara (the daughter of Shanipriya) seeks the killer? Who is going to help them? Who are the traitors in the four walls? Did her father Hemant kill her mom for business and other gains?

A simple romantic thriller cum horror story turns into a whirlpool of a murder mystery? Who is patronizing who and why? Find out the unlikely trails that lead to the neck of the killer? Will the soft duo of Samara and Nikhil succeed in their endeavor? Nikhil has stepped beyond the boss & employee relationship to support the cause of his true love.

For light crime thriller genre readers, it’s a fun read with all the spooky horror activities taking place around Nikhil’s room, where once dwelled the dead Shanipriya. Is her ghost back to retell the story? Or is it some fun game by housemaids?

The construction of story is smooth without over dramatization or overstretching. The prose is effective and powerful to hold attention. Written in a simple and lucid language with strong characters and engrossing plot, ‘The Blue Jinx’ is a fast-paced page turner and edge of the seat thriller that keeps readers hooked till the end.

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About the Author:

Nisha is the author of three highly appreciated novels: First You Plz, The Blue Jinx, and The Unexpected Trail. She lives in Navi Mumbai with her family. After completing her post graduation in Communication Management, she began her career as a copywriter with a reputed ad agency in Mumbai. She currently works as a Copy Head. When she is not working in an advertising agency, she writes for her blog.

She is a spiritual person and a follower of Vipassana meditation. She believes in God, Karma and Karmic connections. By means of all the experiences of her life, she pens downs novels. She aspires to be a known author and film writer.

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