Books in News – Me No Pause, Me Play by Manoj Kumar Sharma is a Book for a Social Cause

Published by Notion Press, Me No Pause, Me Play is a novella by the Award Winning Author Manoj Kumar Sharma. This novella raises concern for women by highlighting a story of a middle-aged woman named Dolly. The author asserts that a lot has been done on the names of gender equality, women empowerment and liberation, however, at homes they are seen as like old slaves.

As the title suggests, this book is concerned about menopause phase of its character Dolly. Husband Rajat doesn’t know how a woman can be affected by menopause, for him it’s no issue at all. He cares for his service as a husband. Dolly due to menopause plunges into death-like situation. She needs to be operated for blood clots, she is half paralyzed, has broken bones…and much worse. Rajat takes it as an insult to his rising professional career. He expects faster recovery of his wife but things aren’t turning in his favour.

The case is handled by the MD of the hospital, Jasmona. She befriends Dolly. She is of the opinion that if stress is eliminated from a patient’s life, medicine works positively. As Jasmona advises, Rajat takes care of Dolly. The book delves in the personal life and medical treatment of the victim. Gradually, things work out. Rajat turns into a good man. The credit goes to Jasmona’s efforts. The book acts to deliver a social cause that can help woman do well in life post menopause.

Fast-paced, slightly sarcastic – the novella is good read if you really respect women in your homes, offices, and society.

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About the Author:

MIRRRO famae bestseller author, Manoj Kumar Sharma, has bought his next novel, Me No Pause, Me Play from a different genre altogether – Women Fiction.

Manoj basically a Civil Engineer, worked for MNCs and corporate in senior management leadership roles, eventually turned into a self-styled author after preponed retirement. Fiction is the essence of his creativity. Manoj feels blessed as he has been adjudged for MIRRRO for prestigious awards from renowned literary houses for the year 2020:

Best Debut Author Award from ICMDR

Best Debut Novel Award among Top 100 Debut Novels from CRITICSPACE

Best Fiction (Thriller) Award from The Indian Awaz Foundation

Best Thriller Book of the Year by Literary Mirror

Best Fiction Book of the Year by AIY AGHAAZ

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