Books in News – The Dogfight and the Lone Peacekeeper by Suyog Ketkar is an Immersive War Fiction, in Powerful Writing Style

Published by Garuda Prakashan, The Dogfight and the Lone Peacekeeper by Suyog Ketkar is a thriller novel with a medley of historical and war fiction genre. Set during the WW-II, the story invites characters, aspirations, conspiracies from the world’s two fiercest opponents: Britain and Germany.

It’s mid of 1940s, the Second World War is at its full throttle. The face of the war changes when Japan joins Germany and Italy. India feels its heat. Being a colony of British, Indian air force is training armies and pilots to counterattack the Japanese invasion from Burma.

The protagonist Vasant Kale is a Wing Commander under the guidance of Group Leader Boyle. One fateful day his jet Hurricane is shot down in Agra. He is taken as a prisoner along with his wife Shakuntala. But something was not right. His colleague Prabhat was killed and a few more died suspiciously. He wanted to investigate who is doing all that and why? He gets answer when he stumbles upon Vincent, a ruthless German scientist, whose elder brother was killed in on a U-boat attack by the British Royal Air Force. All the way from Germany to India – he will leave no stone unturned to carry out revenge for the untimely death of his brother.

The plot rolls on the Indian soil; however, the underlying anomaly and secrets are rooted abroad. As much as Indian, the story also portrays the German side where Vincent maneuvers his ways to invent a chemical weapon. Will he be able to use it against British and India? If yes, who can stop him? As the story moves ahead, it builds a tempo of crime and suspense. The protagonist Vasant rises like a larger-than-life character to ultimately save his people from the treacherous ways of wars and its cruel ramifications. The novel is inspired by true events and unhurriedly builds the fascinating saga of love and romance between Vasant and Shakuntala.

The Dogfight and the Lone Peacekeeper by Suyog Ketkar can be reckoned as a full-fledged war fiction novel filled with tales of espionage, treason, bravery, dogfight, romance and much more. Suyog’s splendid narration justifies the substantial storyline. The novel is occasionally lyrical with its poems, but mostly a gripping read.

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About the Author:

Suyog Ketkar is a certified technical writer who specializes in content-design interoperability. In 2017, he published ‘The Write Stride – A Conversation with Your Writing Self,’ which is a self-help book on writing. His articles and poems have appeared in national and international magazines. On Quora, he has over 400 answers. And, on his website, which has been live for the last 11 years, he has over a thousand followers. In his work time, he creates videos and documentation. In his non-work time, he likes to play with his daughter and read about (and collect) fountain pens—his newfound hobby.

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