Books in News – Bloody Dreams by Gopinath Lakshmanan Challenges the Societal Patriarchy with Alternate Reality

Published independently and available in both formats, Bloody Dreams by Gopinath Lakshmanan is a riveting novel that fictionally studies the two sides of one coin. The first half of the novel portrays the cruel dictator characters oppressing the tender soul of females.

Rajeev, the lead character, has the world at his feet. His father is a billionaire; he has companies & projects, luxuries, cars, and people to rule over. He cares for no women in his life. His mother Radha is a silent victim of male dominance, on other side he asserts all wrong doings to keep his girlfriend Divya under his control. He is so much indulged into wealth, privileges, and success that for him women and their womanhood is an object, devoid of sentiments and nostalgia.

In the first part, Rajeev rules like a heartless king. However, the second part of the novel brings the true misery of the woman through the hands of Indian society. It is brought through alternate reality. Rajeev transformed into a girl Rajee. In other time, he is a girl with the same memory. Rajee tolerates assaults from her husband Iniyan, gets abused for many invalid reasons. How does it happen? Will Rajeev be able to go back to his previous life?  

Besides the auxiliary themes like romance and family drama, the novel actually explores really deep themes of women’s helplessness in the face of a society that doesn’t allow them much autonomy.

The novel will make you laugh and cry and fill you with desperation and exhilaration. It’s heart wrenching, socially uplifting and utterly enthralling. The novel is a work of sheer imagination and keen observation of social evils that perturb women. The language is simple and conversational and may present you with some memorable lines if the story settles in the cask of your sub consciousness.

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About the Author:

Gopinath Lakshmanan was born in Tuticorin. He did BE in mechanical engineering and currently working as a construction manager in Gulf Asia LLC in Saudi Arabia. His family hails from Tiruppur, where most of his family members live.

After completing his higher secondary school, he wanted to pursue film-making course from Pune. However, his parents compelled him to do engineering. He is an avid traveler. Covid lockdown presented him with an idea to write books. He learnt the skills from YouTube. Bloody Dreams is his debut novel. He is planning to write many more books of various genres.

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