Books in News: Added Sugars – the Slow Poison is a Handy Resource on Health Awareness

Published Independently on Kindle, Added Sugars – the Slow Poison by Srividya B is an eye-opening and impactful book on personal transformation under health and fitness genre. As the title suggests, the book is all about ‘Sugars’ in our food cycle. Sugar is found naturally in fruits and vegetables, ironically that is never enough to satiate our sweet cravings. Thus, we are bound to intake added/refined sugars in our eating habits, especially in ketchups, jams, chocolates, soda and cold drinks, fruit juices, toffees, and so on…the list of food items/snacks that we eat for a change of mood and for special occasions is long. In fact, Western countries like Europe and the USA, people’s food preferences are never devoid of added sugars. As a result, the rise of obesity and disorders like diabetes and damaged liver is inevitable.

The book promises to make its readers ten years younger, and can cut off their obesity problems, and save them from insulin resistance and fatty liver. How? Tag along the book and dive deep in the world of sugars – good and bad – artificial and natural.

First four chapters show us the dark side of added sugars that is supplemented in canned and processed food; well the fifth one offers you a list of 14 natural sugars that you can substitute instead of added sugars. From sucrose, to fructose, to high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) to different names and elements of sugars – the book is highly encyclopedic by nature.

The first chapter throws light on the biochemical names of sugars that can enable users to identify the healthy sugars from the unhealthy one. Lucid explanation on molecular structures of sugars further makes the comprehension easy. The fourth chapter brings to your notice about commercial names and forms of sugars. This can help readers reading the ingredients labels on the processed foods. So that they can make an informed decision while being in a grocery store. Just five chapters yet it is a lot for anybody looking to have a grand positive health transformation.

Srividya pens down her subject orientation on sugar with a precise flair. She simplified the pros and cons to as much as possible. The book is bold as it goes against one of the powerful social-eating addiction – sugar. It’s time to change sugar junkies. Not many books are available on ‘sugar effect’ framework. It’s an Amazon bestseller topping the chart quite often.

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About the Author:

Srividya Bhaskara is one of the best seller authors on Amazon worldwide for books Added Sugars – the Slow Poison, and 20 Healthy Foods for Weight Loss. Her books reveal vast knowledge & expertise in the fields of food, nutrition, and health. She is a Graduate of the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, JNTU, Hyderabad, India. Her passion for food & health has driven her to write books about nutritive foods. She loves reading books, listening to music & playing shuttle badminton. She likes to spend her valuable leisure time on Fine arts, Painting, Cooking, Creative activities & Gardening.

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