Books in News – The Superflare by Andrew G. Berger is a Riveting Futuristic Dystopian Novel

Published independently and internationally on Kindle, The Superflare by Andrew G. Berger is a lengthy yet engrossing novel that deals with the theme of life in a post-apocalyptic world? The premise of the novel is fictional set in a future time of 2051. The world is divided between City People and Free People (also referred as Settlers).

The novel features two protagonists from different worlds. Julia is not eighteen; she is caged in her comb with all facilities, protected by machine guards. She will become a full fledged citizen of Pangaean after taking some exams. By then she has to be in-door, sterilized, hairless – virus free from all possible sources. In fact, her world is totally virtual, even her friends, interaction, and so on. The more one makes progress with juvenile characters like Julia, the more amazing it turns out to be.

Winston is the second lead character from Free People/Settlers area. He lives in a village outside the Clean City. He and his people are forbidden in the city and vice versa. He is a hunter, mainly food gatherer.

When an impending solar storm shuts down the EMP, the Clean City stirs in the chaos. People emerge from homes, cages, and combs to feed themselves. Their system of grooming and feeding is gone for toss post the storm. Julia struggles to cope up outside until she meets Winston. As they meet and trundle along, they sizzle in love bonding.   

The novel has more than one storylines, as the City People vs. Free People converge towards the final destination, it becomes unputdownable. Each character is fascinatingly drawn with gullible back stories and a struggle of its own kind in the world that becomes vulnerable all of sudden. The novel brims with unexpected twists and turns till the last page. The story is solid with coming-of-an-age teenage characters. A favourable read with a dystopian bent!

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About the Author:

“THE SUPERFLARE” is my first novel. It’s a science fiction story and thus belongs to a genre that has fascinated me as a reader since I was young.

At the same time, it is an adventure story and explores how people react to pressures and crises; how they change and shape themselves; how they grow from the obstacles they have to overcome. It was exciting to watch them develop while I was writing – and I hope that the result will also be exciting to read.

Since the main characters are teenagers, it’s also a coming of age and a love story. Some readers even said it’s a modern Romeo & Juliet-story.

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