Books in News – Awareness Journey | the Happy Place Module by Selvan Srinivasan Fosters Personal Growth and Healing

Published by Story Mirror in both formats, Awareness Journey is the book one in the Happy Place Module, written by Selvan Srinivasan. Unlike any other self-help or improvement book, it’s not a banal; rather have a conversational backdrop between two characters: Oogway the mentor and Ayushi his mentee.

Ayushi had been living an extremely busy chaotic life due to her disturbed past and childhood. Mentally she is perturbed and physically uncomfortable due to rashes and boils. Through a friend she gets in touch with Selvan for a wellness and healing program. The book recounts their experience as a mentor and student. The book’s focus is to bring the sufferer to a happy place which is not external, rather one can find within by taking an awareness journey.

Segmented into twelve chapters, the modules lasts around 21 days, Ayushi gets a new life from being illness to a balanced wellness. By understanding energy one can get in the cycle of healing. Right at the beginning, the author introduces Energy Movements (EMs), Deep Crossings (DC), and Fixed Gazing and Conscious Breathing (FGCB) – which are the basic building blocks of the healing process that they both exercise throughout the book. The nature of the book is not limited to a few tips and strategies, it is rather all encompassing. People looking for self-exploration, self-transformation, and seeking solutions to self-awareness must pick it up.

Another great aspect of the book is links to videos and audio clips, much part of the book can be grasped by it, which makes the book lighter to comprehend. Selvan’s mentoring towards healing is authentic and engrossing as both take the sessions without panache of sophistication and inhibition.

The book is full of wonderful takeaways, it’s a book that one can savour from time and again, and it’s not a one-sitting read. Such books spiraling out of real-life experiences are rare and indeed a treasure trove to align oneself with self-awareness.

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About the Author:

Born in Chennai in 1962 and raised in Mumbai the author was nurtured as a multi-lingual, multi-cultural cosmopolitan youth. His entrepreneurial parents and spiritual and intellectual grandparents shaped his character and love of books at an early age.

Taking on the responsibilities of the family when his dad was immobilized briefly, the author became an entrepreneur himself while making progress on his inward spiritual journey as well.

Through this book, he seeks to share transformational experiences of himself and others who recovered from seemingly incurable conditions by finding their Happy Place within.

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