Books in News – Agent SHARP by Bakchod Writer is a Thrilling Sci-fi Novel

Published by Bluerose Publishers, Agent SHARP by Bakchod Writer is a sci-fi fantasy novel with a good dose of action and adventure. Dwelling on a futuristic timeline, on a planet named Roeayt in a Funny Way galaxy–this novel is pretty different from the existing league of the sci-fi books.

It follows the fate of one orphaned young man Saros in a country Intauro. Saros’ family was wiped out by Ralakat, a noxious terrorist outfit. The terrorist outfit Ralakat and the neighboring country Dintauro are hostile towards Intauro. Someone needs to find out that with exact reasons and proofs.

Post a terrorist attack, Saros is brought to the vigilance of Dr. Zeerat. Saros is tested and infused with SHARP serum. The serum suited his blood and it resulted into a self-healing immunity and body for Saros. It means he is more powerful and advanced than Humo, a sort of humanoid. Saros is given training and being tested. He is sent on a mission to save agents from the grip of the Ralakat terrorists. To his company he has Kyani, a brave soldier with exceptional combat abilities.

As they both cross and fight one hurdle after another, their search for agents and the urge to get under the motives behind Ralakat and Dintauro turn out something bigger and sinister. They have to put everything at stake to save their countrymen from being wasted into riots and untimely death which is planned by a super HUMO. As the novel advances deeper mysteries and secrets grip the story, making it unputdowable.

Agent SHARP is a next-level sci-fi, where the lead guy is indulged in a covert expedition which is both for him – test for his newly acquired strength and to exact revenge against the terror outfit that rendered him orphan.

Bakchod Writer (pen name) did a brilliant job of creating believable characters and the world that is futuristic unique yet resonates with contemporariness of our world. It’s a different sci-fi read, engaging and lively, than just sheer blonde imagination.

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About the Author:

Bakchod Writer is an Engineer turned Author and a seasoned thinker. He is currently living in New Delhi with his lovely wife and loves to write his heart out. His stories are set in Roeayt – a lively planet in the Funny Way galaxy that gives the punch of experiencing a brand new world. He welcomes you all to live through the stories of remarkable characters and marvelous lore.

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