Books in News – LBW: Love by World Cup by Vinay Dhamnani Shares a Fascinating Story of a Mysterious Bowler

Published by Diamond Books in both formats, LBW Love by World Cup by Vinay Dhamnani is a riveting novel about cricket, love, ambitions, betrayal, and power. The story shuffles between three interesting discreet characters: Sheena, Alok, and Vishvesh Singh.

Sheena is the daughter of Madan Chopra – The President of the Indian Cricket Board. Vishvesh Singh is the Indian Cricket Captain. Alok is a naïve young cricketer – included in the playing 11 for the world cup. Alok rises on some occasions and takes India through crucial matches against Bangladesh and Pakistan. His rising popularity and proximity to Sheena perturbs the arrogant captain – Vishvesh Singh.

Vish being a captain cashes on the opportunity to bring down Alok. He conspires with the coach Peter and sends Alok to open the innings much contrary to his skills, which is bowling. However, Alok performs best of his abilities. The internal politics of the dressing room continues whenever India has a match to play. The captain Vish remains an antagonist throughout the novel. Regularly, one side of the novel explores love affair of Sheena and Alok who often meet inevitably at some occasion and ceremony or party.

The book doesn’t shy away shedding light on the stardom of cricketers of India. Wherever they go, people flock after them, which cause conflicts and dust-ups and gives opportunities to shrewd media channels. The novel takes the narrative from all arteries and cricket serves like banter in the book.

Will Vishvesh Singh succeed in his efforts to stab Alok and the Indian Cricket Board? Will Sheena and Alok make a wonderful pair? Why is Vish jealous of Alok? Pick up your copy to experience this powerful novel about cricket and its allied politics. The novel is more than the commentary of matches; it maintains elements of suspense and thrill till the last page about the past of Alok. Indeed a delightful read!

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About the Author:

Meet Vinay Dhamnani, the talented author behind the captivating novel “LBW: Love by World Cup.” Combining a deep passion for cricket with a gift for storytelling, Vinay has created a heartwarming and relatable tale that explores the themes of love, passion, and resilience through the eyes of a young cricket player. With a career spanning over a decade, Vinay has honed his writing skills to create engaging and informative content that resonates with cricket fans around the world. With its richly detailed characters and vivid descriptions of cricket matches, “LBW” is a must-read for anyone who loves sports and romance.

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