Books in News – The Gentle Hearts by S.A. Khan offers Blending of Romance with Family Bonding

Published by Notion Press, The Gentle Hearts by S.A. Khan is a romance contemporary novel that deals with true love, bonding relationships for life, family history, and altruistic cause in the medical field. The novel weaves love stories of some people who happen to have known each other and invariably form a sort of family tree.

The story begins with the love story of Manjula and Nageshwar. It’s set in some time back when people in India were busy making their businesses from scratch. Manjula liked the dedication of Nageshwar who seeks funding from her father. This story is placed around Hyderabad; in fact, all the stories are based around the same city. Manjula and Nag built one of the best pharmaceutical companies in India. Medicines and hospitals; family aspirations, lucrative careers and finely chiseling the building blocks of families runs throughout the novel like banter. However, at the forefront are emotions, feelings, allegiance, and bonding of the characters that are swaying between moral choices and bigger ambitions.

The pace of the novel is moderate, neither hurried nor stuffed. There is subtle romance, liking, and curious conversations between characters. The way story builds gradually without placing a scaffold supported by external factors is remarkable.

Indeed it’s a good and smooth read. The novel is clean with no obscenity in it. S.A. Khan’s narrative is cool and composed with good usage of language its vocabulary. You can pick up this book to know how relations are formed with a brush of stroke and how people maintain without getting into the brouhaha and mess.

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About the Author:

He was born and raised in Hyderabad. After completing his education and a short stint in the private and government sectors, the author went abroad, spent almost four decades in Middle Eastern countries, and worked as a senior sales and marketing executive. He traveled extensively worldwide during his tenure and returned to his native place in 2016 when he was sixty-six.

Retirement becomes a perennial pain for anyone who lives an active and eventful working life unless they engage passionately in activities they hold dear and love to relish their golden years until death. From a young age, he was an ardent reader, and this passion clubbed with his flair for putting things on paper stirred him to wonder whether it would be possible to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a novelist. Eventually, the impending blues spurred the author to make his dream reality and set off on a journey of a thousand miles to pen a thriller, “The Invisible Protectors,” published in Nov 2019. His second book, “The Gentle Hearts,” is about romance layered into human passion, inborn and nurtured, and the cruelties inflicted by savage brutes.

The writer lives with his wife in his birth city, and his two children are settled in western countries.

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