Books in News – Amitav Ganguly’s New Book Biswas Kora Jae Na Melds Supernatural, Paranormal and the Unknown

Published by Notion Press, Biswas Kora Jae Na is the new book by Amitav Ganguly. Like his previous books, this too is a collection of short stories; however, its genre is different and written in Bengali. It falls under thriller and suspense. The book offers 17 highly readable short stories. It’s to be noted that the short stories aren’t horror stories. Rather, the author has explored a different category that gives the same thrill as reading a horror collection. In these stories, one will find supernatural, thriller, and suspense stories. In all stories love is the banter theme, it never disappears.

The pattern of the stories is same. Interestingly, each story is painted on a different canvas, showing no sign of interconnectedness. In each story, if one is seeking love, then the second one is safeguarding it from harmful forces. At some instances the revelations is done naturally and silently understood by the beneficiary, in many stories it is explained by the protector or the person holding the truth of past events. Shadow personality, doppelganger, and discovery of human vampire, continuation of secret love even after death, etc. are some hot thrilling aspects that make stories not only intriguing but also mesmerizes readers with twists in the end.

All stories are short and can be read in any order. You might not get that creepy horror streak but you may feel being haunted by one of your dark secrets that you shared with a person no more in the world. The narrative of the collection is fresh and interesting with promising premises. The depth is optimum, so does the pace, the author didn’t leave conclusions and divulgence of secrets in hurry. He did it with his master storytelling. Neither whimsical nor cavalier, the collection is a quick read with some stories that will turn you reeling for more.

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About the Author:

Mr Amitav Ganguly is a senior corporate law specialist in India with over three decades of legal affairs, management, and corporate administration experience. A resident of New Delhi, he has penned many corporate law articles in English that have been successfully published online and in prominent journals.

Besides his professional writings, his passion for Indian and world literature has inspired him to author short stories of different genres and languages. He has written and published more than seventy-five such stories in English and Bengali, with a large readership that continues to flourish. His stories have often been chosen as “editor’s choice” and “story of the month.”

Many of his stories have been adapted for plays, and one crime story has been an inspiration for a popular short film, “45 Seconds.”

His three books, “Twelve Paranormal Tales” and “Ten X Murders for the Mind” and “Forever She” are available on Amazon, Flipkart, and Notion Press, and in e-book formats including Kindle, are continuing to be critically acclaimed and very well received by the discerning readers.

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